wi-py: Wireless network management

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Wi-py is a wifi device configuration helper. Its initial purpose is to store wifi configuration and power state before suspending the computer, and restore if after wake up, but will include a GUI and support for profiles and easy wifi configuration.




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NOTICE (2008-09-24)1. 소스 주� 헤� 처리 샘플 @param �후로 �어지는 부분� 모� tab임2. 주�� 헤� 파�� 함수 선언부� 해주면 �.3. c파�� 주�� 안 달아� �지만 소스� 설명� // !@$!$ 형�으로 넣어줘� 무관~./** * �미지를 화면� 그린다. * * @param\t*img\t[IN] 화면� 그려질 img data struct * @param\tx\t[IN]\tLCD화면� x 시작� * @param\ty\t[IN]\tLCD화면� y 시작� * @param\tw\t[IN]\timage wid

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