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WinUSB is Windows Portable. WinUSB can install in USB Disks. Modified Windows 9x can install (minimum) 256 MB. Windows 95 with WinUSB supports NTFS, DVD's and more. Portable Modified Windows XP can install, too.



Related Projects

LibUsbDotNet C# USB Library

.NET C# USB library for WinUSB, LibUsb-Win32, and libusb-1.0. Using the common device classes, applications work with all operating systems and drivers without modification. Lots of example code. Open source software at

WinUsbNet: A managed interface to WinUSB.sys

The WinUsbNet class library gives .NET managed code direct access to USB devices through WinUSB, the generic USB device driver included with Windows. The project also includes tools to create & install WinUSB installation files, and a sample application.

Winusbnet - WinUSB .NET wrapper library

WinUSBNetWinUSBNet is a .NET class library that provides easy access to the WinUSB API from C#, VB.NET and other .NET languages. WinUSB is a user mode API available for Windows XP, Vista and 7 (XP will require an update), allowing low level access to USB devices such as control transfers and reading from and writing to endpoints. StatusThe current version is 1.0 and appears to be stable. However any feedback from users would be appreciated. If you find any bugs or problems please report them usi

MTSU Solar Boat Interface

This project is to build a GUI to interface with the MTSU solar boat that is being developed by students at Middle Tennessee State University. The application is written in Qt and custom circuitry based off the winUSB development kit.

Usb-travis - LibUsbDotNet, libusb-win32, libusbK test code

libusbK OverviewlibusbK is a complete driver/library solution for vendor class usb device interfaces. If you are a usb developers or usb device manufacturer seeking a driver solution for a new USB widget then libusbK could be for you. libusbK will now move to Sourceforge and this site will serve mainly for testing purpose. Main website in Sourceforge About Documentation

Picusb - USB Resources for Microchip Microcontrollers and libusb

This page is mainly related to code and resources for Microchip USB PICs and libusb/libusb-win32 and libusb related stuff. For example, I may publish test binaries for libusb related projects (libusb-1.0 Windows backend, libusb-win32, libftdi and libftdi-1.0, OpenOCD windows binary). These test binaries are only for testing purpose and please follow the license (LGPL or GPL). libusb: libusb-win32 libftdi:

Usbconverter - Este es un dispositivo que se encarga de la conversión de la información desde el e

Este es un dispositivo que se encarga de la conversión de la información desde el estándar EIA485 a USB 2. Programado en: - Visual Basic Express 2008. Creación de las librerías MSDNImports.vb y Device.vb. Comunicación USB-API usando WinUSB. Soporte desde Windows XP, VISTA hasta WIN7 - CCS (Programación de microcontroladores). Diseño del Custom firmware. - Creación del driver o controlador de dispositivo USB. Manejo de: - Protocolo industrial de redes de bus de campo: MODBUS con estánda

Usbthumb - USB PIC Development Platform

This project contains some customized firmware code for USBThumb. Each project has a Release directory where you can get pre-compiled .hex files. These hex files can be loaded to UsbThumb using the USB HID Bootloader software (part of Microchip's USB Framework) or using a programmer, unless otherwise noted. Please note that some hex files that include a bootloader will have the prefix UsbThumbBootloader - you can use these to program UsbThumb with both bootloader and custom application, bootload

Exf1ctrl - Command line utility and API to control the Casio EX-F1 over USB.

The purpose of this project is to reverse engineer the USB protocol controling the Casio EX-F1 high speed camera. The following camera functionality is currently available: Configuration of Aperture Movie / still mode Exposure Focus ISO Frame rate Control of Shutter Movie shutter Manual focus Zoom Live view 30/300FPS Four example projects are provided: exf1Ctrl Demonstrates the basic usage of the API. exf1Hdr Demonstrates how to build a simple HDR application. exf1Opencv Demonstrates the live vi

Libusb-winusb-wip - libusb 1.0 (Windows Backend) and related projects

This project WAS used as the repository for the libusb-1.0 (Windows Backend). Continuing development for this projects is now occurring at libusbx. The libusb SVN source repository on these pages is NO LONGER MAINTAINED For updates, please visit the Windows Backend page.

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