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A fast, easy, and free way to setup a webserver on your windows machine. Combining Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, and more this is the easiest way to setup your own http server in minutes!



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Wcsdk - Wildcat! API and Software Development Kit

Project to maintain the Wildcat! API and SDKWCSDK is the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server (WINSERVER) API to create and maintain custom applications. The wcSDK was created to satisfy the needs of system administrators and third party programmers developing new programs that extend the features of the Wildcat! Interactive Net Server platform. The wcSDK consists API for developing legacy 16-bit code for Wildcat! Navigator clients and one for developing 32-bit code for the Wildcat! server. Among the

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Ultra light tool to change the default Windows 7 Libraries' location to another drive.

WinServer - high performance and high concurrency

high performance and high concurrency

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