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Converters for WinRT



Related Projects

Heavygearblitztvcalculator - TV Calculator for Heavy Gear

A TV calculator for Heavy Gear that takes Heavy Gear 2e stats and converts them into Heavy Gear Blitz values. Useful for double-checking changes or creating new designs for Blitz.

Yaml-erlang - An Erlang module to parse YAML files

This Erlang module can be used to read in YAML data structures and convert them into appropriate Erlang elements: lists or mappings. Lists are represented as lists, and mappings as tuples of {key, value}.

Django-resolvetime - A template tag to convert a datetime to a format that represents the time diffe

A Templatetag that recieves a datetime object and converts into a a time format that represent the time difference betweeen now and time of datetime object Following are some example return values of the filter 6 s 10 mins 3 hours and 20 mins 2 months 4 days

Microsoft Points Converter

This applications allows the user to select from a variety of locations to correctly calculate the cost of Microsoft Points in their own currency. The application shows values for pre defined amounts as well as the ability to enter any value necessary. Developed using C#

Rrd2csv - This is a simple Perl script I made to change RRD files into CSV's.

RRD2CSV enables you to export and rrd file to a csv format. It converts all numeric values to decimal and epoch time to date format. Usage: --start {epoch time} --end {epoch or negative time in seconds} filename.rrd Example: --start 1286960420 --end -1024 processes-netgod/ps_rss.rrd USAGEusage: rrd2csv [args] some.rrd -a autoscale DS values (also --autoscale) -c num convert DS values by "num" (also --conversion) -e end report ending at time "end" (also --end) -l label label

Kml-factory - Simple application for conversion of CSV files to KML format.

KML Converter IntroductionApplication was developed as part of my final year project at City University London. At the moment it provides basic functionality of converting coordinates from DMS format into decimal degrees, converting altitude values from various units of measurement to meters and grouping placemarks into folders. I intend to make further improvements to this application, therefore any comments and feature requests are welcome. Best regards, Kiril Piskunov Curre

Numpydb - A numerical python interface to the berkeley database

A numerical python interface to the berkeley database. This is very useful in combination with a higher level manager such as pycolumns. pycolumns has a higher level interface that allows querying and comparison of "columns", each of which is indexed using numpydb. Examples of Construction and Creation # creating a database with keys strings of length 20 # and data values that are 32-bit integers (4-byte). # this is effectively an index on the strings. # use the create helper function for creati

Jlibparam - This library automatically read property file and une it to override class variable

In order to customize value in a class, we usually read these value from a property file, and update value in java code. This lib does this for you :p About this Libthis lib start from a simple need, I just want to easily read value from property file and assign these value to a class. For example : public class Config extends Param {\tpublic static String MyVar = "private string from sample";\tstatic {init(Config.class);}}will just change MyVar value if the line MyVar=New Value is present in th

Enum-generator-t4 - Extended enum generator T4 template in C#

What it doesThis generic T4 template generates enumerations (C# enum types) out of values defined in a particular database lookup table. generates enumeration values with explicit integer values: they match database values when converting to integers in code; uses Visual Studio's namespace naming convention: generated enumerations have project's default namespace with any subfolders appended (just like any code file in Visual Studio); adds complete enumeration XML documentation by using addition

objectify-led is a small Java library for binding object properties at runtime using annotations, re

objectify-led is a small Java library for binding object or class properties at runtime using annotations, reducing boilerplate code. Values can be taken from the System, from properties files, any arbitrary source in fact, and automatically set on properties. Instead of having chunks of code such as public class Foo{ private static String BLAH = "default-value"; private String myString; private int myInt = -1; public static void main(String[] args) { if (System.getProperty("blah.value) != null)