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Tools and plugins related to bart's PEBuilder



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WinPING is a ping simulation for windows.+ With WinPING you can ping a given URL or IP address and WinPING will respond by displaying information about the ping process including Roundtrip Time, TimeToLive, Buffer Size etc.

Ycusd-dism - Scripts for WinPE and image editing

image creation and management with windows DISM, WAIK, ImageX.

Unixp - Universal XP installer

ImportantAs of 05th June 2009 I will be abandoning this project, since my attention at work is shifting towards thinclient/terminalserver computing. The old summary can be found at ArchivedSummary. Featuresimage-based installation HDC driver injection PXE/net-boot(ToDo) Installation of Windows XP with or without user interaction from an imagex (WIM) image. The setup process will be started from a WinPE environment, as included in the WAIK. This WinPE environment can be either started from a CD/D

Winautoinst - An enforced Windows PE which supports automated installation of all type of Windows (f

Windows Automated InstallationWinAutoInst is based on Microsoft Windows Pre-installation Environment (WinPE). It allows the end user to select an ISO file on local or network drive. Once click Sumbit button, the following processes occur inline: format c:\\ extract ISO file to c:\\temp run OS installer with unattended answer file If all pieces of necessary information, such as product key and language settings, are provided correctly in the answer file, installation is fully automated.

Pe2build - yet another PE 2.0 build environment

WinBuilder is a nice tool, but I was personally unhappy with the scripting language, since I am used to AutoIt. Because of that I created my own build environment in AutoIt3 scripts. However, it is still far from complete.

imgxgui - A GUI for ImageX

imgxgui is a very simple GUI to the application ImageX from the Windows Automated Installation Kit, WAIK. Supported switches for imagex.exe are: /mount /mountrw /unmount (/commit) /info (set new name/description and toggle boot option) /delete /split /export /capture /norpfix /config /apply /ref /compress /flags /append /check /verify /boot