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WinLIRC, the Windows port of the Linux Infrared Remote Control package. Control your computer via remote!



Related Projects


Java client API and tools for LIRC and WINLirc

Dreamviewer - An Darwin Streaming Server Set Top Box

DreamViewer is an VLC based Set Top Box for the Darwin Streaming Server. Features: # Playlist selection (channels) # Video On Demand - If an playlist is selected an program list is available - 3D imageflow selection with stream preview !! # WinLirc support - Can be controlled # WoL (Wake on LAN) - Can turn on the streaming server over LAN


LIRC# is a simple client library to allow a .NET application to interact with an LIRC server to control or be controlled by IR devices.


WTVIRBridge is a replacement for Hauppauge's WinTV IR software, which, among other things, emulates a WinLIRC server. Use the WinTV remote to control dozens of WinLIRC-compatible multimedia applications!


Python module to interact with remote controls via lirc. Currently only linux version exists, but porters for winLirc or other systems are welcome.

Androidinfrared - Android Infrared Remote Control

"Native" port of popular LIRC to the android platform#summary project introduction IntroductionAIRC is an effort to write simple and functional LIRC port for the Android. Project Details and Main Ideasin comparison to alternatives like IRDROID ( ) "native" android reimplementation of LIRC routines is used (in this case meaning portable java code) due hardware constrains transmitter is based on audio output ( ) 100% compatibility with LI


Mote-Keys is an open source tool for converting WinLIRC button presses into Windows virtual key-presses. Mote-Keys has an easy-to-use GUI and is easy to configure. It will run in the background and is accessible through the system tray. (great for HTPCs)

WinLIRC - forked from

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MobileRemote - Remote control app for N9 and a WinLirc plug-in to support it.

Remote control app for N9 and a WinLirc plug-in to support it.