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A quot;power-userquot; oriented Jabber client built on top of the JabberCOM COM Server. Includes most (if not all) of the Jabber functions: Basic Messaging, Group Chat, Agents, File XFers, etc.



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The Next Generation Winjab client. A robust jabber client built for many types of Jabber users (including power users). All development has moved to:

Exodus - Exodus: escape from proprietary IM systems

Exodus strives to be a solid, user-friendly, feature-complete Jabber/XMPP client for Windows. The Exodus client was originally developed by Peter Millard, a longtime contributor to the Jabber/XMPP community. Peter started working on Exodus as a replacement for Winjab (one of the very early Jabber clients), and the Exodus codebase reflected everything he knew about Jabber technologies and specifically the challenges involved in building a modular, robust client for Windows. Unfortunately, Peter d