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Windows application for customizing the desktop with a menu bar in top of the screen for easy access to various programs, files and locations on the hard disk drive. More information here:



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Winext4 - Windows XP/Vista/7 Linux ext4 file system driver

This program enables Windows xp/vista/7 to use Linux ext4 file system.

Narly - The Narliest Windbg Extension Evar!

This windbg extension is intended to be able to: list /SafeSEH, /GS, DEP, and ASLR info about all loaded modules search for ROP gadgets other misc utils Currently, only listing info about loaded modules is implemented. Go to the downloads section to get the most recently compiled extension and pdb. If you need to get to the older/deprecated downloads, search for deprecated downloads on the downloads page. For those of you who might download and use this extension, it would be worth it to check b