TransGaming WineX

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TransGaming is developing improvements to the Wine project to achieve full Linux compatibility for games developed using the MicrosoftŽ DirectXŽ APIs.



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A rapid psexec style attack with samba tools


A GTK+ 2 frontend to Transgaming's Winex

Gentoox Winex Installer

winex install script for gentoox and other distros running an incorrect glibc

Debunk2 - Read MS Outlook autocomplete (NK2) files and extract email addresses

Microsoft Outlook stores its autocomplete email info in an undocumented file format. This project tries to unlock the information therein. Current status2007-02-02: Version 0.5 has been released, with an installer for MS Windows. Instructions: Download the debunk2-0.5-win.exe installer (from the list on the right) Run the installer and choose target folder (does not require admin rights) Run debunk2.exe (Currently, no program shortcuts are created.) New in this version: Automatically locates you

Rake-compiler-classes - Rake Compiler Classes

RCompCompile your applications with Rake and Ruby!This project currently targets .NET applications but it could be extended to include various other languages and platforms. Tools like MSBuild and NAnt are great but they work with sometimes cryptic configuration files. If you have a small project and you would like to automate your builds with Rake and Ruby, this project may be for you! How ToHere's a simple task that compiles all of the source files in the "src" directory into an executable alo

Dnsi - .NET Script Interpreter

.NET Script InterpreterWhat is DNSI ?DNSI is a application that can compile files from various locations (local, network, internet) both in CSharp and VB.NET to library (dll), console application, windows application or into memory, and execute it. Why use DNSI ?1) There is no need VisualStudio to make .NET softwares. 2) There is no need to (re)compile your software and no need to make update patch. 3) If you put your source code on the web, there is no need for user to download any exe else DNS

Il-repack - Merge IL assemblies into one, using Mono.Cecil

Project is now hosted at GitHub ILRepack is meant at replacing ILMerge / Mono.Merge. The former being closed-source, impossible to customize, slow, resource consuming and many more. The later being deprecated, unsupported, and based on an old version of Mono.Cecil. Here we're using latest (slightly modified) Cecil sources (0.9), hence making the operation FAST (for real) (no longer true, but probably ain't because of Cecil). A console application has been released (can be used as DLL as well), u


A tcl/tk frontend to TransGaming's WineX project. Tggui allows you to install and launch games, configure your winex drivers and more.

Alignde - Peak alignment using wavelet pattern matching and differential evolution

1. Introduction A practical and handy peak alignment method (alignDE) is proposed, implemented in this research for first-order chromatograms, which basically consists of five steps: (1) chromatograms lengths equalization using linear interpolation; (2) accurate peak pattern matching by continuous wavelet transform (CWT) with the Mexican Hat and Haar wavelets as its mother wavelets; (3) flexible baseline fitting utilizing penalized least squares; (4) peak clustering when gap of two peaks is larg

Baselinewavelet - Intelligent background-correction algorithm for highly fluorescent sample in Raman

1. Introduction An intelligence background-correction algorithm for highly fluorescent sample in Raman spectroscopy has been developed with peak detection and width estimation by CWT wavelet and background fitting by penalized least squares. The programming language is R( 2. Installation 2.1 baselineWavelet 4.0 What New of baselineWavelet 4.0.0: By taking the advantage of sparse matrix in R package "Matrix", we implemented the sparse version of whittaker smoother and b