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Windows (95/98/NT/2000/XP) ports of the Eggdrop IRC bot



Related Projects

ZeonBots IRC BotService

This is a botservice script written in TCL made to work on eggdrop and windrop bots.

Easydrop - Easy Eggdrop/Windrop managment

About Then Main goal of this project is providing easy installation,configuration,running and monitoring eggdrop/windrop irc bots.

aamp;a light tcl script for eggdrop

aamp;a light script for eggdrop amp; windrop @ amp;

Jointx - JointX Tcl Script

The JointX Tcl script is an eggdrop script written in Tcl to simplify channel administration

Windropbar - Bar napisany przez Marcimona (z drobnÄ… pomocÄ… aldwulfa).

Bar napisany w TCLu przez Marcimona (i aldwulfa). Działa pod eggdropem i windropem. Licencja: CC-by-nc-sa(mimo tego co jest obok)

Fireegl-tcl - A collection of Tcl scripts written by me (FireEgl).

This is a collection of Tcl scripts written by me over the years.. They're almost all for the Eggdrop IRC bot. Most of the Tcl scripts are still on www.Tcl.Atlantica.US

Egghelp - TCL �крипты дл� Eggdrop/Windrop

rebirth of Опи�ани� �криптов — Про�ьбы, предложени� и в�е о�тальное пи�ать в Issues.