Production and sale of plastic window systems

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Automation company produces window design, production and sale of plastic window systems, management of sales contracts and their execution, print reports.



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Tochnog Finite Element Program

Explicit/Impicit Finite Element Program with linear/nonlinear, elastic/hyperelastic/hypoelastic/plastic/visco, contact,thermal, fluid capabilities. h/p refinements. Parallel/Distributed solvers available. No shell elements but has 2D beams, trusses.

Splikes - Synaptic Plasticity in Spiking Neurons

This project aims at providing a simple-to-use neural simulator at a medium-level of complexity. This package is lower-level than rate-based models (Hebbian, BCM, ICA, ...) but higher level than packages like Neuron and Genesis. This project is supported in part by NSF CRCNS Grant "The Cellular Basis of Receptive Field Plasticity in Visual Cortex: An Integrative, Experimental and Theoretical Approach" #IIS-0515285 For a rate-based project, please see Plasticity at

Plasticity - Synaptic Modification Simulation Environment

Plasticity is a package with a convenient interface, used to run simulations of single cells and networks of neurons. It is used to explore BCM synaptic modification, Hebbian learning, ICA, and others. It accompanies the book Theory of Cortical Plasticity,, by Leon Cooper, Nathan Intrator, Brian Blais, and Harel Shouval. It is available from World Scientific. This project is supported in part by NSF CRCNS Grant "The Cellular Basis of Receptive F


An open source 3D zbuffer graphics viewer, optimized for for plastic building brick instruction sheets. See also

Pyfm - flat-line framework for managing financial information from many sources and formats

A 3account is a new incarnation of this project using standard semantic web tools. The problem and its solutionWant to store all your financial data in digital form? Download statements where you can, scan letters (OCR them if it works), or just type transcripts of phone calls. But now what? How do you manage this torrent? Running a search on all the data does not always work: each document has its own structure and idiosyncrasies, some download formats are not directly readable, the same securi

Wiimpp - 6 DOF motion controller for Windows

Inspired by the PS3 Move controller coming out soon I decided to have my own go at making a 6DOF motion controller for windows. Using a small bicycle light, a colored plastic ball from a bath thermometer, a Wiimote with Motion Plus and a PS3 Eye camera; A couple of days programming, et VOILÀ! Le "WiiM++"! Thanks to Wiibrew, Gl.tter @ WiiYourself!, Alex Popovich, and of course Nintendo & Sony for their kindness and consideration to bring cheap technology to everyday people.

Cp-3110 - This is a project about SCMS

Aosi Li Garments Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City is a creative, design, plate making, presentation, production, customized apparel as one of the professional production company. Mainly produces all kinds of hotels, guest houses, shopping malls, companies, factories, banks, schools, performing arts, business groups uniform (wear, overalls, security services), high-end suit, shirt, promotional clothing, T shirt clothing line. Our garment factory is located in Buji, Shenzhen, Hubei Baofeng industrial ar

Warp3d - Static and Dynamic Nonlinear Analysis of Fracture in Solids

WARP3D - Release 17.2 - January 15, 2012Includes hypre linear solver, cyclic plasticity model with temperature dependent material properties, new parallel execution method Static and Dynamic Nonlinear Analysis of Fracture in SolidsFor Windows, Linux and Mac OS X Computers Note: for most up-to-date source code see Source tab. Source code always has most current version with changes after periodic releases of executables. WARP3D is under continuing development as a research code for the solution o

Homeostaticsynapticplasticity - archives to run the parameter explorations

These archives allow the gui interface from the paper to run come in a zip file which is 33MB. Homeostatic Synaptic Plasticity (Rabinowitch and Segev 2006a,b) Usage directions (other OSs may work similarly) linux: cd mainnrnivmodl ../mechanismsnrngui main.hocIn the first selection window choose Spruston2 (not 3) and in the Migliore2 Channel layout and Segment length 20. Then 'Done'. Now I think that you will be able to get 6 simulation configurations (RIP0: RDP0-5) that do the following (the sim

Visual-stimulation-lab - Visual stimulation tools (stripes, shapes, colors, gratings, patterns) in O

Visual Stimulation Lab (VSL) is a suite of tools written in C/C++ and OpenGL, originally designed to work as a closed-loop visual feedback system paired with an optically based transducer that records torque produced by yaw motions in tethered insects. I was interested in the extent to which feedback gain between torque (yaw) and image motion determine's an animal's ability to track a visual stimulus, along with the ability of an animal to adapt to different gains (including negative gain) appli