Windows Explorer (Dock)

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Windows Explorer is a program that enables users to organize their shortcuts, programs and running tasks into an attractive and fun animated Explorer. By allowing users to have more control over how they organize their desktop.



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Shallow-file-browser - Cross Platform browser

Shallow file browser is a cross platform windows explorer cum web browser. It manages your files & directories and also enables inbuilt searching for the users. It indexes your whole system and keep updating database regularly. It's still in development stage. Suggestions are always welcome.


PowerExt can display assembly version, assembly name, public key, strong name etc in Windows Explorer. It's a Windows Explorer extension written in C++. For .NET Assemblies (.dll and .exe files) it adds an additional .NET tab to the Windows Explorer's File Properties dialog.

Yjexplorer - YJExplorer Developed by YJ.Cai.

A POWERFUL file browser to replace window explorer. Developing......


WikiExplorer is similar to the windowsExplorer. The filesystem is visualized within. Users can add new files and folders. Wiki allows to edit every file.

Smartxplore - An add-on system for windows explorer: now you can use the middle mouse click to manag

smartXplore is an add-on system for windows explorer. Using the middle mouse click, you'll see a new menu allowing you to manipulate files and folders: tag, move, upload, share, ... There are already many built-in add-ons and you can download other add-ons on Everyone can create new add-ons easily too, using the Autohotkey language.

Picasaext - Integration between Picasa and Windows Explorer

PicasaExtPicasaExt aims to add features to Windows Explorer to better integrate with Picasa. Presently, it's only feature is to show starred pictures in Windows Explorer. Please note that PicasaExt does not integrate with online Picasa in any way- it simply reads the ini files that Picasa uses to store information. System RequirementsWindows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 32 or 64-bit NotesYou may need to restart your computer (or log-off and on again) after installing. AboutThis project is written in

Set-as-a-cover - Set as a cover is a registry hack to add an option in windows explorer context menu

Screenshot Works with Windows 7, Vista and maybe XP. Do you really need this? No, you could always just rename one image manually but the best use for this is to use it with multiple images. Example You have these movies folders: D:\\Movies\\Gladiator\\SDGSDG.jpg D:\\Movies\\Zombieland\\lgDFGKSFAfsdfj.jpg D:\\Movies\\The Hangover\\slfdFKFsnf77.jpg ...etc And you want to rename all images to folder.jpg If you have a huge collection you would have to open every folder and then manually rename the

Navigation-assistant - Easy navigation in Windows Explorer and Total Commander

Have you ever thought of an idea that navigation in Windows could be much more convenient? Why wouldn't one employ the technique similar to the "Navigate to class" in most common IDEs, when relevant folder matches are displayed in the popup window, brought to the foreground by a predefined key combination, like that: Why needed at allHere are Windows Explorer and Total Commander disadvantages which may frustrate most of the users: one needs to perform a huge amount of mouse clicks to access a de