Windows 8 Accelerator

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A set of components and controls to accelerate your Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 application development.



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Web Slices and Accelerators in PHP

This is a tutorial on how to create Web Slices and Accelerators for Internet Explorer 8. Included are Web Slices examples and sample code for MediaWiki, Wordpress and Facebook. The project also contains a brief introduction to Accelerators and provides associated sample code.

Accesnake - Accesnake : Accelerometer game in python for Symbian60v3 (mobile)

AcceSnakemade by CmoaTotoAcceSnake is a "Snake-like game" using the accelerometer of your phone.Developed in Python, this game has been entirely coded with a text-editor, on a N95 8Go. I never used a computer to make it. For the first time in a snake game, you can move in any direction, slow down, and accelerate just by moving the phone. You can cross your tail but don't touch the wall or you will loose a life. If you don't have an accelerometer, or if you prefer to use the keyboard, just choose

Spacedash - The lightspeed-paced game

3D Spaceship racing Arcade developed in C#. Beta 1 now availableBeta I now available for download Requirements Hardware 3D card supporting Shader Model 3 2GHz or better CPU 1GB RAM Recommended (mandatory for more than one player) : Xbox 360 controller pad Software Windows XP SP2 .NET Framework 2.0 or better DirectX 9.0c (June 2008 update) Update (roughly 5 mbytes, needs Windows Validation) Full (75Mbytes, does not need Windows Validation) OpenAL Drivers probably needed (couldn't test properly) D

Wnpm - WNPM是一款基于Windows下的Nginx + PHP + MySQL + Zend绿色套件

WNPM 3.5(Nginx + PHP + MySQL + Zend + eAccelerator + Memcached)WNPM目录结构:\\wnpm\\│ Readme.txt\t\t\t说明文件│ memcached.cmd\t\t\tmemcached�务安装�动脚本│ WNPM.cmd\t\t\tWNPM主程�│ WNPM.conf\t\t\tPHP&MySQL版本�置│├─ Cmds\t\t\t\tWNPM�动控制脚本│├─ webserver\t\t\t���务软件包│ │ Process.exe\t\t│ │ RunHiddenConsole.exe\t│ ├─ eAccelerator\t\tphp加速器│ ├─ mysql\t\t\tmysql-5.1.60-winx64/mysql-5.5.19-winx64│

Acelnmp - Web App for CentOS 5.x

AceLNMP是一個基於CentOS系統的自動安�Shell Script (AUTO-INSTALL & COMPILE NGiNX + MySQL + PHP on CentOS) 主�都是以�軟體官方釋出穩定版本為主 NGiNX 1.0.14 (2012/04/05更新) PHP 5.3.9 (2012/04/05更新) MySQL 5.0.95 (2012/04/05更新) phpMyAdmin (2012/04/05更新) eAccelerator (2010/09/21更新) PCRE 8.30 (2012/04/05更新) ImageMagick 6.7.5-10 (2012/04/05更新) memcache 3.0.6 (2012/04/05更新) iconv 1.14 (2012/04/05更新) PDO MYSQL-1.0.2 (2009/1

Jebgl - Java emulated WebGL canvas

AboutJebGL is a piece of Javascript which lets you run your WebGL apps in browsers lacking WebGL support without having to modify your existing code! Behind the scenes JebGL uses a fallback Java applet to emulate the WebGL canvas if needed, and the Java applet runs hardware accelerated on all platforms using JOGL. Video of IE6 running WebGL content. UsageSee Usage. Essentially, all you need to do is include the jebgl.js, and change the function that runs after the page has loaded. E.g. if you ca

Microsoft Field Inspection Accelerator for Dynamics CRM 2011 and Windows 8

The Crime Prevention inspection accelerator is an end-to-end inspection and data gathering framework.

Manuscript - A PHP-based document management and CMS intranet system built for Windows

Manuscript acts as an intranet system that allows users to post and create documents, and work together. Manuscript is written in PHP and designed to work across a multitude of operating systems and web servers. It currently supports SQLite and SQL Server 2008 as back-end databases. The current version of Manuscript allows users to upload and share their documents with anyone else in the application and works Source CodeSource code has been moved to Github:

Openwrt-robe - A software platform based on OpenWrt distribution that applies Wi-Fi routers as vehic

What is rOBE ?The router-based On-Board Equipment (rOBE) project is an application platform based on an embedded Linux distribution called OpenWrt ( This is the continuing student project in software engineering course at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Thammasat University. The project is motivated by our experience that a lot of resource (money,time) have been spent during the prototype development of on-board equipments (OBEs) to be installed on vehi

Javacv - Java interface to OpenCV and more

JavaCVIntroductionJavaCV first provides wrappers to commonly used libraries by researchers in the field of computer vision: OpenCV, FFmpeg, libdc1394, PGR FlyCapture, OpenKinect, videoInput, and ARToolKitPlus. The classes found under the com.googlecode.javacv.cpp package namespace expose their complete APIs. Moreover, utility classes make their functionality easier to use on the Java platform, including Android. JavaCV also comes with hardware accelerated full-screen image display (CanvasFrame a