Javascript Window.Open to extend ASP.NET functionality

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Use Javascript Window.Open function to set ASP.NET web page attributes and make it look "window application-like"



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Bootstrap Image Gallery is an extension to the Modal dialog of Twitter's Bootstrap toolkit, to ease navigation between a set of gallery images. It features mouse and keyboard navigation, transition effects, fullscreen mode and slideshow functionality.


EpicEditor is an embeddable JavaScript Markdown editor with split fullscreen editing, live previewing, automatic draft saving, offline support, and more. For developers, it offers a robust API, can be easily themed, and allows you to swap out the bundled Markdown parser with anything you throw at it.


Scriptable frontend for media applications.

screenfull.js - Simple wrapper for cross-browser usage of the JavaScript Fullscreen API

Simple wrapper for cross-browser usage of the JavaScript Fullscreen API


Task manager iOS style (Beta 0.5.1)

Diablo Item Capture

Capture item pictures in diablo III


Vegas is a jQuery plugin to add beautiful fullscreen backgrounds to your webpages. It even allows Slideshows.

Vinux - Linux for Visually Impaired Users

Vinux is a remastered version of the Ubuntu Linux Distribution optimised for visually impaired users. It provides a screen-reader, full-screen magnification and support for Braille displays out of the box! It can be run from a Live CD without making any changes to your hard drive. If you like it you can install it to a USB pendrive or to your hard drive either alongside Windows using the Virtual Version, or as a complete replacement for windows.

Neatx - An Open Source NX server

Neatx is an Open Source NX server, similar to the commercial NX server from NoMachine. It supports Session creation, Session suspension, Session resumption, Session shutdown, Session Shadowing, Gnome/KDE/Application/Console sessions, Floating Window/Virtual Desktop sessions, Fullscreen/Resolution/Keyboard preferences.

superslides - A fullscreen, hardware accelerated slider for jQuery.

A fullscreen, hardware accelerated slider for jQuery.