WinBinder - A native PHP Windows binding

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WinBinder is a new PHP extension that allows PHP programmers to build native Windows applications. It wraps the Windows API in a lightweight, easy-to-use library so that program creation is simple, quick and fun.



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Mywinxml - My Windows Extended Markup Language

MyWinXML is a bridge between WinBinder and PHP while WinBinder is a bridge between PHP and Windows. With WinBinder extension you will be able to develop windows apps in PHP.But knowing most PHP developers, most of them are web desingers / developers used to markup languages for GUI implementation and i thought "Why not a language for WinBinder and PHP" , thats how MyWinXML came to life..... MyWinXML is comprised of tags for control placing and event handling.Its functional basisi is entirely bas

An adaptation of the Uno cards game

An adaptation of the Uno card game. Written in php and winbinder frontend, support multiplayer and solo (vs IA) playing.

Megacubo - TV pela internet

Assista TV pela internet com o Megacubo. O Megacubo é um software desenvolvido em PHP usando a extensão Winbinder para gerar interfaces nativas do Windows. O programa estã disponível para Windows e em breve estará compatível com o Wine no Linux.

WinBinder - WinBinder - The native Windows binding for PHP

WinBinder - The native Windows binding for PHP

Woody - woody - Winbinder's Object-Oriented Dialog Ynterface

woody - Winbinder's Object-Oriented Dialog Ynterface


Perl script to resolve UID to SID mapping during Samba/Winbind Active Directory Authentication


Djabberd plugin that allow NTLM authentification using samba ntlm_auth helper through winbind