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WinAVR (tm) is a suite of executable, open source software development tools for the Atmel AVR series of RISC microprocessors hosted on the Windows platform. Includes the GNU GCC compiler for C and C++.



Related Projects

Avrstl - STL containers for the AVR microcontroller

Basic STL container and utility classes for the WinAVR platform. AVRSTL is based on uSTL. Due to the limitations of the platform (for example no support for RTTI or exceptions) only the container classes shall be considered for the port.

Avrdude-gui-net - Avrdude GUI using .net

DescriptionAvrdude GUI is graphical interface for program avrdude, which is used for programming microcontrolers. It is written using .net 2.0 framework, and only works under Windows. It supports all programmers as AVRDUDE does. You also need to download WINAVR. Features: Fuse calculator WINAVR integration Arduino integration(just replace uisp.exe) Avrdude and UISP command line compatability Languages: English, Slovenian

Leddis - Leddis is a moving message display project.

Project is now on hold because there is no one to work on HW. If you are interested send to the project owner.Leddis -LED DISplay- is a moving message display project. The aim of this project is to construct a well engineered moving message display and provide it to the open source community. The development of the software for the Leddis will take care to get use of multiple technologies. specially in the interfaces with the real world. Leddis should be heavy with "gadgets" and features, even t


OSX-AVR is a project to bring together the open source tool chain for the AVR micro-controller family into one easy to install package (for apple computers). This is an OS X version of the windows orientated WinAVR project ( PPC amp; Intel

Eeide - An easy embedded integrated development environment

eeidefeaturesBase on Eclipse CDT and DSDP The project is proposed to provide an easy to use integrated development environment Focus on winarm, winavr and would provide all in one env for easy use

Open-flutterbot - open source code for the flutterbot

This is an open source code project for the Flutterbot robot. The Flutterbot is a small robotics platform which incorporates the AVR Butterfly as its core and WinAVR as the main development platform.

Recyclebatteries1 - RecycleBatteries, C code for Atmega169

Данный проект пред�тавл�ет �обой прошивку, напи�анную на C, дл� Atmega169, в�траимового в �ПК дл� приёма и�пользованных �лементов питани�. Внимание, данный проект ещё не окончен, программа напи�ана не полно�тью. Проект разрабатывает�� � помощью �ред разработки AVR Studio и WinAVR. Обе

Bobs-playground - Bob's code playground

This is Bob's code playground. It is just used for current ideas that have not developed into projects yet.

Avrtimers - Timers support for AVR

Supports functions such as: alarm_action() - setup function as timer handler _alarm() - setup new alarm alarm() - the same but wrapped with cli()/sei() tclock() - like standard C's clock() but use timer number timer. millis() - mseconds from last call micros() - useconds from last call etc... Implemented for AVR Atmega128. All prototypes are in timers.h. Before use call init_timers() first! Tested with WinAVR-20100110.