Windows 8 Library

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Easy-to-use library for utilize Windows Immersive features.



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Jnlpdownloader - JNLPDownloader allows you to download a webstart project and provides you with a wa

Given a url of a jnlp file, JNLPDownloader downloads every jar declared in the main jnlp or extension, every native library, and stores them in a directory with scripts to run the application in Linux, Windows or Mac. Usage: java -jar jnlpdownloader.jar example will download the jnlp from and save it to the example directory. As a simplified example, for a jnlp file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><jnlp sp

Winfiles60 - WinFile - A powerful Symbian S60 filemanager written in PyS60 language

WinFile - A powerful Symbian S60 filemanager written in PyS60 language print "Welcome in the WinFile world!!"return "Thanks!"IntroductionThis is a great filemanager (for me, well not surprising :=) ) not only for file management but to quick play audio files and see my pictures :) (I have to say that for hex editing and quick in-use-file copy I still use X-Plore and the great Fexplorer, the first and the most easy). I think there's not a perfect software with everything you need, but why don't u

WinRT Libs

WinRT Libs is the collection of libraries which helps to develop software for Windows 8

Muiplayer - Cross platform media player written using Qt and FMOD

MUIMUI, MUI mUsic Interface, is an open-source cross platform media player written using Qt and FMOD. Current status:version 0.0.3 (source) Public versions: 0.0.2 (binaries) CompilingLinux: Download and copy the FMOD .so files to /usr/lib and execute the 'makeall' script in the root MUI directory. Windows: Download and install FMOD. Run the 'makeall.bat' file. Known Issues:0.0.3: Some features broken due to code overhaul (fixed) Does not accept/render files with unicode filenames For some files,

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LZHAM (LZ, Huffman, Arithmetic, Markov) Alpha7 is a general purpose lossless data compression library that borrows several ideas from LZMA but purposely makes several key tradeoffs that favor decompression speed over compression ratio. LZHAM's compression ratio is a bit less than LZMA, but decompresses approximately 2-3x faster on a Core i7. LZHAM's decompressor is intended to be particularly fast on embedded devices, handhelds and game console platforms. This is an alpha release. The codec has

Socles - OpenCL image processing library for Java

A socle (sok-lee) is a plynth, or a foundation on which greater works are built. It non-coincidentally also contains the letter sequence 'ocl'. socles is a Java-hosted OpenCL processing library using JOCL as the binding mechanism. The goal is to produce a set of good implementations of basic image processing stages implemented in OpenCL, primarily targeting GPU processors. News25-5-12 Maybe a bit over-keen after a couple of wins elsewhere, I ported clsurf over to socles as well. I've checked in


Cocon90团队是中国 山东海天软件工程学院的优秀学生组合的团队。 兴柱带领。一起打造一个完美的未来。我们欢迎您的加入。 项目方向有: C#方面有Winform\\Silverlight\WPF\XNA\WP7\WP8\Win8开发等等,JAVA方面的有Jsp\Servlet\Android等等

Scalalab - A Matlab like environment for Scala

ScalaLab: Matlab-like scientific computing in Scala IMPORTANT: Some useful downloads related to ScalaLab can exist at the auxiliary project: Some files can be duplicated in both projects, please check the date stamp, along with the file name, to identify the latest version. So, please check both sites for new versions of ScalaLab. Project SummaryThe ScalaLab project aims to provide an efficient scientific programming environment for the Java Virtual Machine.

Javacv - Java interface to OpenCV and more

JavaCVIntroductionJavaCV first provides wrappers to commonly used libraries by researchers in the field of computer vision: OpenCV, FFmpeg, libdc1394, PGR FlyCapture, OpenKinect, videoInput, and ARToolKitPlus. The classes found under the com.googlecode.javacv.cpp package namespace expose their complete APIs. Moreover, utility classes make their functionality easier to use on the Java platform, including Android. JavaCV also comes with hardware accelerated full-screen image display (CanvasFrame a

Mlb-squeezeday - MLB Gameday Audio Squeezebox Plugin

StatusStatus as of May 5, 2009: Only works with alternate (second language) audio feeds. Getting this plugin working again (for anything other than the alternate language broadcasts :) will take some doing. The good news is that as of May 5 mlbviewer is able to get MLB Gameday Audio (and Video) feeds, convert them to FLV with rtmpdump, and play the result with mplayer. The author posted this summary of how mlbviewer gets the RTMP URL. Ideally the SqueezeBox would support RTMP natively, removing