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Win33 - C# style wrapper around Win32 API



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QCad binary for Windows

QCad ready to use for Windows. This project brings your the binary + compile instructions for win32, using mingw-5.1.4 and qt-3.3.x-p8.

Dava33display - User space Display Driver for the Asus A33/MOXI HDDMR9000 internal TFT display

Display Driver for Asus's DAV Center A33 Media Center PC Plus Amp and MOXI HOME CINEMA HD DMR model HDDMR9000User space device driver for the information display built into the Asus DAV center A33. Internal TFT display. The Asus DAV Center A33 comes with a small built in front panel LCD display which is used in Microsoft Windows to show volume and other information (for example Media Center Edition play/status information). This is a small user space program to use the display under Linux or Win

Eight-puzzle-br - An eight puzzle game in JAVA

EIGHT-PUZZLEAn eight puzzle game in JAVA. This support following features: ariable size puzzle (from 3*3 to 5*5) olving puzzle using different algorithm (BFS, DFS iterative deepening, A star) UpdatesJan,15,2010 update: Adjust menu layout. Add shuffle option. Jan,13,2010 update: Code re-factoring. A star minor optimization. A star iterative deepening algorithm added Jan,12,2010 update: Bidirectional search algorithm added. Subtle optimization. Jan,7,2010 update: Keyboard manipulation enabled. "Wi

Calcdrawaddon - Proof-of-concept addOn for OpenOffice Calc that sets cell prop or value by mouse dra

Demo Code: An OpenOffice add-on that gets and changes the current active cell in OpenOffice Calc on mouseMove or mouseDrag. It maintains coordinates for the current cell based on XSelectionChangeListener events. Here it is used to set the XCell background color property or value for freehand mouse drawing, like finger-painting. The add-on oxt file works with OpenOffice 3.2. The source is a zip file in downloads. It was developed with: Stack on March 7, 2011: Netbeans-6.9.1, NetbeansOOPlugin-2.0.

Visualswing4eclipse - Visual Swing for Eclipse

What is it?Visual Swing for Eclipse is a GUI designer tool, which consists of a set of Eclipse Plug-ins. It aims to provide a Swing designer for Eclipse for Java desktop developers. Update site RequirementEclipse 3.3 or higher Java 5 or higher IntroductionIt is well known that Swing is gaining more and more momentum in recent years. Before Java 1.5, Swing was ugly, slow and full of bugs. In fact, it used to be so bad,

Twistedmold - Pyweek 5 entry from Santa Fe, Argentina

Team: 7 Zombies (aka santa_fe)The actual name of the game is Twisted Zombie. It's a game created in 7 days as an entry in Pyweek #5 Release date: 08/09/2007 update: third place in the challenge! Members:Juanjo Conti <> Mariano Galán <> Diego Levental <> David Capello <> Sebastián Galiano <> César Portela <> Manuel Kaufmann <> Programming:J

Wpmi - [2009年最新版]IIS6+PHP5+MySQL5+Zend Optimizer+phpMyAdmin安装�置教程

关于本教程声明: 本�置教程仅作抛砖引玉,正�生产用还需�对�务器进行更加详细的安全设置以��方�性能调整。 欢迎转载,请注明出处: �作系统:Windows.Server.2003.R2,Enterprise.Edition,SP2,x86,CHS,VOL,MSDN 本次�置PHP的�务器环境:Windows2003+ IIS6+PHP5+MySQL3+Zend+phpMyAdmin 整个�置过程需�是使用拥有管�员��的系统��登录Windows 在整个�置过程中所示的截

Bible - King James Bible PHP Script v2.2

Attention: All Christians, Staff Pastors & Christian Webmasters You can help by spreading the Word of Jesus by downloading our all new Bible PHP Script. Our Bible PHP Script will enable you to easily install the entire King James Bible onto your own website in less than 5 minutes. A great way to allow your church a way to search the scriptures from your church website. Very easy to customize design or integrate into your existing design. With our all new "Bookmark & Share" button you now can lit

Qvocab - vocabulary list

Features:clear pronunciation small in size - you can put the program in your mp3 player easy to use - focus on reciting a word at a time. cross platform - available for win32, linux, mac_os, wm Requirements:Qt3.3 needed for compile the source code extract the file Screen shot:screen shot in Windows 7 screen shot in Debian 5

Mamushi - P2P Resource Query System

This project can query the p2p resources from Thunder Network,QQDownload,Emule Network,Bittorrent Network etc.. for example: you can put the download link into my P2P Resource Query System,can get more same resource link or p2p peers. The original download link below. and you can get many links and peers also have the same file. http link counts: 11 http node is: