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Evolved from Win32Forth 6.01. Code runs ten times faster on older cpu's. Absolute addressing makes the VM simple to understand. Five stacks and demos showing why modern Forths need at least 4, and preferably 5 stacks to be viable in today's computer



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Maxmods - Brucey's BlitzMax Module collection

A collection of BlitzMax modules by Brucey, including wrappers/bindings for many open source libraries. Note : These are all cross-platform, unless otherwise stated - that's Win32, OS X, and Linux! Having trouble setting up a module for BlitzMax? Find out more about HowToInstallModules. The following is a list of modules available here, and the libraries they wrap : Audio BassModule - OS X/Win32 Audio Library. BassAlacModule - BassEncModule - BassFlacModule - BassFxModule - Real-time DSP add-on

Mednafen-rr - Mednafen with tool assisted speedrunning features

Version infoUsers on Windows who want to record PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 movies should use PCEjin PCEjin is sync compatible with Mednafen but provides a much smoother experience in Windows. The latest SVN of Mednafen is able to play PCEjin movies, but it cannot play older mcm or play/record anything except PCE. Due to a slight change in the movie format earlier mc2 movies are now incompatible with both pcejin and the latest Mednafen SVN. mcm-mc2 also creates movies that are incorrect for the la

fxa-python-client - python sample code to access Firefox Account (FxA) APIs

* Microsoft Visual Studio 8, Express Edition:* Because python checks for the Visual Studio 8 by default point to the new Visual Studio installation: * SET VS90COMNTOOLS=%VS120COMNTOOLS%,* Windows Developer Tools SDK: * During install make sure to check the option to update the system environment (for LIB and INCLUDE), otherwise set them manually afterwards* OpenSSL, D