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Win32Forth is ANS compatible, Forth language application development system with many tools; Interactive console, integrated extensible debugger, a GUI file editor, hypertext rendering, hyperlinked source files. VIEW lt;word-namegt; to explore the many files



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SP-Forth - ANS Forth compiler

ANS Forth for Win32 and Linux/x86 (used to compile the following SF projects: acWEB, acFTP, acFreeProxy, acSMTP, Forth-Script)

Mindforth - Russian, German, English Artificial Intelligence

TrendingThe Russian AI User Manual (in English, with link to a Russian translation) explains how to operate the Dushka Russian AI. Meanwhile, the newest Russian AI work involves setting up dummy BeVerb engrams in conceptual, lexical and auditory memory so that the Dushka Russian AI can both understand and generate Russian sentences lacking a present-tense be-verb. TheoryBrainTheory is the design basis of MindForth artificial intelligence. The CognitiveArchitecture is carefully designed to permit


bigFORTH is a native code Forth for x86 processors. MINOS is a portable GUI library for X11 and Win32, written in object oriented Forth, and includes the form editor Theseus.


Evolved from Win32Forth 6.01. Code runs ten times faster on older cpu's. Absolute addressing makes the VM simple to understand. Five stacks and demos showing why modern Forths need at least 4, and preferably 5 stacks to be viable in today's computer

Fsharp4dosbox - Porting F# to be running in Win32 DOS shell

F# (FSharp) is a forth language system derived from eforth. F# was named weforth which is running on Win32. I got the source from Taiwan FIG Sir Sam Suan Chen Why this project?F# does not work on DOS shell, it pops up a dialog box asks for a given ~.fex starting script file instead. This is a problem to my usage, I need it to work on a DOS shell so as to co-work with other programs in a batch script.

Wavelet1d - C++ Implementation of Discrete Wavelet Transform

C++ 1D/2D DWT Implementation for Win32 and LinuxWavelet2d / Wavelet2s Libraries1D DWT and IDWT Implementation (Two Modes) 2D DWT and IDWT Implementation (Two Modes) 1D SWT and ISWT Implementation ( Stationary Wavelet Transform) 2D SWT Implementation Implemented using FFTW3 Library Shared(.so) and static(.a) libraries for Linux Shared(.dll) and static(.a) libraries for Win32 GCC (MinGW). Shared(.dll) libraries for Microsoft VC++ This implementation uses C++ vector objects to accept input, store a

Eyetracker - Eye Tracker Implementation in ANSI-C using OpenCV 2.1 and SDL 1.3

Important UpdateThis code is being reworked to meet the following criteria: Software should be run as a background process Software should have the ability to have front-end services for calibration and configuration achieved via local network interface Software should not require it's own GUI software Software should not require complex/diy hardware Because of the considerable updates, I am removing all the download links (as of Jan 11, 2011), in light of the forth-coming new api. Please be pat

Actsasreplica - Rails based offline bi-directional database replication

With the current trend of offline applications and solutions as Joyent Slingshot or Rails2Exe to run a stand-alone offline client app written in Rails, we end up having a problem ahead of us: offline data gathering and synchronization back and forth to a main online server. There is virtually no solution for that matter unless you use some proprietary and expensive package. Google Gears comes to mind but it acts more like a static client-side caching providing no real replication of data. So 'ac

Scribblings-by-apoch - Random code and demo projects by Apoch

Scribblings by ApochThis is my public scratch pad for various thoughts, ideas, tools, utilities, code samples, and other random accumulated goodies. All of my code is provided free of charge and free for any usage via the New BSD License. Each project contains an accompanying License.txt which sets forth the terms of the license in legalese, so you can show your lawyers if you really want to. What's Here?Over time, I'll continually post stuff here that I find handy or cool, or that I want to use