IservYou inventory deployement

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deploy software, vnc manager, and inventory soft amp; hard for PC on windows 9x,NT,XP,2000 make with kixtart, delphi, msi and reskit



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xTuple PostBooks - Accounting, CRM and ERP

PostBooks is a full-featured, fully-integrated business management system, the core of the award winning xTuple ERP Suite. It supports Accounting, Sales, CRM, Purchasing, Inventory, Work orders, Reporting and lot more. It supports multi currency, multi lingual and multiple tax structure.

IS Manager

IS Manager is a good program for inventory and accounting managment with offline support clients is Win, Linux and Web are under development

TAVINsoft - Salon/Day Spa Management

TAVINsoft - C# Win Forms Desktop application for the Salon/Day Spa Industry. Includes appointment booking, point of sale, reporting, marketing amp; inventory systems as well as customer service management features.

Super market supervisor

Super market supervisor - an inventory manager like software which runs in dos mode(can also run in win vista and Linux with dos box) secure,portable and utility software, GUI and can store previous bills

Investigacionoperativa - This is our ticket to win

The project is about an inventory tool developed to supply the needs of the costumers. The power and flexibility of the code will get us a ticket to paradise.

Openfield - Openfield - Realtime Multiplayer Network Game

IntroductionOpenfield game is a desktop based application game which game play is similar to all time favorite board game, the “Battleship�, and it has Single Player Mode (vs Computer) and Dual Player Mode. In the Dual Player Mode, 2 players can play together on Local Area Network (LAN) or Internet. Different elements and rules are introduced into Openfield game to increase the overall gaming experience such as adopting time base instead of turn base in the game. Screenshots How to play Open

usbInventory - show USB descriptors

Windows USB tool for scanning USB bus for active devices. All descriptors are shown and can later be saved for future reference. Descriptors are shown as tree view. Different sort orders are possible. Uses libusb-win32.

Winhit - WinHIT (Windows Handy Inventory Tracker). An easy-to-use inventory tracking solution for sm

WinHIT - Windows® Handy Inventory TrackerProject DescriptionThis project was created as my diploma thesis. I'm intending to create a handy, robust and agent-free instrument for inventory under Win32 platform. Project GoalsHere is some key features of my amateurish product :) They were split into several categories. Inventory AutomationHardware inventory Basic configuration Fixed devices Removable devices Software inventory Installed applications System updates & hotfixes Drivers Running process

Ovw - Open Virtual World

IntroductionThe project makes avatars and objects on Web pages. You have an avatar on every web page and you meet other people who are on the same page at the same time. Our goal is to create a virtual world client similar to rocketon or weblin – but better, richer, more important, more open for your participation, with an open source licence, and for all operating systems. DetailsThe Open Virtual World will be THE virtual world on the Web. It will be open just like the Web with millions of cl

Ssa - Security System Analyzer - Open Standard Vulnerability & Compliance Scanner

SSA - Security System Analyzer 2.0SSA (Security System Analyzer) is free non-intrusive OVAL, FDCC, XCCDF and SCAP scanner. It provides security testers, auditors with an advanced overview of the security policy level applied. FeaturesVersion of products installed using CPE enumeration (see Identify vulnerabilities and discrepancies using the power of OVAL interpreter and his huge database of definitions (see Perform Compliance and Security Checks us