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cssed is an scriptable and modular GTK2 CSS editor and syntax validator, written for the Linux platform, to help web developers to maintain and create CSS stylesheets for web publishing. There are versions of cssed for MacOsX and Win32, and BSD.

Asiru - A mint-based linux, with python development tools ready to use

A mint-based linux distribution, aimed at python software development. It comes with lots of tools ready to use as a live-dvd. Why "asiru"? It means "snake" on Quechua, an ancient language of some south american originary civilizations. You can download the dvd image here (then burn it to a DVD or pendrive) The lastest version of Asiru contains: Editors, IDEs:Vim and GVim: CLI editor, customized with my vim config (fisa-vim-config), wich includes a debugger, autocomplete, class browser, to-do br

Pdfkeeper - PDF Document Storage for Small or Home Office

IntroductionPDFKeeper is a free, open source PDF document storage system that provides storage, indexing, and retrieval using the free Oracle Database Express Edition (Oracle Database XE). PDFKeeper is perfect for anyone who wants to implement a low cost PDF document storage system in a small or home office. It can be implemented for use on a single user system or in a workgroup. Getting StartedOnce PDFKeeper has been installed, please read the Getting Started Guide to help get you up and runnin

Alegria-engine - Alegria 2D Game Engine

Alegría 2D Game EngineInfoAlegría is an open-source 2D Game Engine for Windows being written in C++ . It makes use of OpenGL for rendering, Box2d for physics simulation, Win32 API for input and OpenAL for sound, and supports Python scripting. Right now it's being developed by me, a student of the UPV with the spare help of some pals as a didactic, non-profit project. NewsUpdate 01/December/2011 Alegria Editor will be soon in release state! Probably in February, or so... Here goes a screnshot o

Pydingo - PyDingo will be a multi purpose GUI application (file manager, text editor, other) based o

PyDingo will be a cross-platform File Manager based on PyQt4. The key feature will be pluggable widgets that will handle various URLs (text editor for text files, file browser for folders, media player for multimedia files and so on) shown in tabs (or opening files in external applications assigned to such files). Tabs will be detachable as QDock external windows or embedded on the PyDingo window sides (thus allowing 2 panel or more file management). The purpose of creating such application is t

Visualswing4eclipse - Visual Swing for Eclipse

What is it?Visual Swing for Eclipse is a GUI designer tool, which consists of a set of Eclipse Plug-ins. It aims to provide a Swing designer for Eclipse for Java desktop developers. Update site RequirementEclipse 3.3 or higher Java 5 or higher IntroductionIt is well known that Swing is gaining more and more momentum in recent years. Before Java 1.5, Swing was ugly, slow and full of bugs. In fact, it used to be so bad,

Srijan-toolkit - An application development toolkit for the Internet of Things

OverviewInstallation and RequirementsEclipse installationATaG Feature InstallationSetup a new projectTask graph specificationF.A.Q.Does Srijan automatically deploy code for android Os?ReleasesTagging releases (X.Y.Z)LinksLicence (Last updated 07 Mar 2012) OverviewSrijan is an application development framework for the Internet of Things, which uses data-driven macroprogramming. It consists of mainly 2 software components. The Srijan library which visualizes the network, manages the code generatio

Mhag - Monster Hunter Armor Generator

AboutMHAG is a FREE armor toolkit for the video game series Monster Hunter, featuring a desktop version (MHAG Desktop) and an online version (MHAG Online). From editor team: "MHAG is an useful piece of software that helps you generate armor sets for your Monster Hunter character. This simple and efficient application can easily become a great tool for any Monster Hunter player out there." Webite DownloadsMHAG V2.2a (Feb 2012) new MH3G support! MHAG V2.0 (Oct 2011) Fea

Pdfubar - GUI PDF Analyzer

Update 22 Nov 2011: My former employer (General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems) believes that it owns the intellectual property associated with this project. After well over a year of their being aware of it's creation entirely on my own time, it's distribution under the GPL, and even it's inclusion in their approved training materials as FOSS, they have requested that I remove any downloads from this site. I completely disagree with them and I believe they are mistaken. However, given th

Seq-to-qt - Automation for converting still image sequences into QuickTime movies

IntroductionIn January 2010, in several blog posts (1, 2, 3, 4) I discussed my progress toward automating the workflow of creating time-lapse movies from still image sequences on Windows. I used JScript+WSH for the original scripts because that's how the samples I started with were written. Then I rewrote the system in Python and extended it to provide "seamless" automation from end to end of the QuickTime part of my process. What It Doesseq-to-qt provides a set of functions that I am finding us