VHDL-based WiMAX design

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WiMAX, an emerging technology that is bound to catch us as swiftly as WiFi did but not without sweat! .We aim to understand the intricacies of what makes a WiMAX system. By efficient use of VHDL amp; simulation software,IP cores will be verified in an FPGA.




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MANGA KS8695 GNU/Linux 2.6.x

Development area for GNU/Linux 2.6.x for the KS8695 ARM SoC. Covers kernel patches, drivers for serial, Ethernet, PCI, GPIO, watchdog subsystems, and drivers for optional PCI based devices such as USB, WiFi, WiMAX, IPSec, SSL, and RSA devices.

Wimaxcm - Application for connecting your wimax device to a wimax network.

Wimax Connection Manager for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Written in Java. Uses the Wimax Forum Connection Manager API.

Wwplan - Plan wireless (WiFi and WiMax) networks with Radio Mobile and ns-3

wwplan provides software and document guides to plan wireless (WiFi and/or WiMAX) networks using Radio Mobile and ns-3.

Wimax-hacking - Various tools that will ameliorate public understanding of WiMAX technology implemen

Welcome to the wimax-hacking code project. To get started: svn co http://wimax-hacking.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ wimax-hacking

Ns-2-31wimaxrelay - wimax multihop relay network ns patch

ns2 implementation of wimax 802.16j multihop relay support

Wimaxx - This project intends to one stop management platform for WiMax Software

This project intends to one stop management platform for WiMax Software.

Rfkill-qt-gui - Tray switch between Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and WiMAX

A simple GUI to switch between Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and WiMAX. Run the scripts to configure WiMAX.