wily - an implementation of acme

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Wily is a mouse-oriented, text-based environment for programmers. It lets you interact with files, directories and programs through mouse and keyboard operations on plain text. Most of Wily\'s design (but none of its code) comes from Rob Pike's acme.




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Gwt-miboco - This project shown Observer, Strategy, Template Method and Decorator design patterns of

About gwt-miboco is a project of the Micro-Blog with Decorator that shown Observer, Strategy, Template Method and Decorator design patterns of GoF and behaviour patterns of Wilie in GWT. Goal The goal is to provide a complete application set by keeping the 23 Design Patterns of GoF and behaviour's patterns of Wilie. This application is a current project in HCI (Human-Computer Interation) of the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar). Links GoF Wilie Current features supports Template Method


WiLi-cms is a 'wiki-like' cms based on PHP/MySQL. Unlike most other CMS, wili-cms provides a user-friendly WYSIWYG UI: admins do have the same representation of the site while editing contents, as the public has while visiting the site.

Mmx8bit - Megaman X: Timeline

Megaman X: Timeline: This is a project that will tak X, Zero, Iris (Unlockable), to fight Wily in the past. Sigma has found a way to travel to the pass. X and Zero must stop Wily and Sigma from the "revolution".


Ober brings the power of the Oberon interface to Java, blending command-line and GUI models. Ancestors are Oberon(http://www.oberon.ethz.ch/), Acme (http://plan9.bell-labs.com/sys/doc/acme/acme.ps) and Wily (http://www.cs.yorku.ca/~oz/wily/index.html).

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Wily - Release history of Wily

Release history of Wily

EPAgentScripts - A collection of CA-Wily Introscope EPAgent (Perl) scripts

A collection of CA-Wily Introscope EPAgent (Perl) scripts


A collection of CA-Wily Introscope EPAgent (Perl) scripts


A small connector to kick-start the JMX machinery of a CA-Wily Introscope Agent.


A CA-Wily Introscope server web plugin, that can replicate Introscope management modules

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