Wilos - Process orchestration software

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Wilos project (www.wilos.ups-tlse.fr) is a process orchestration software. It helps team members to manage a project through the execution of a software development process taking from an exported xml file of the Eclipse Process Framework.




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Arabic (TAWT transcription): Al-hadafo min havâ al-àinjâz howa àiqâmato rabpin lâsilkî litäuakömi ean boed fî paàirat "EasyStar" biwâcipat "Modem Xbee" 2.4GHz wa miqbaê XBox wa wiudat "Arduino". Saàouâwilo àan àauodä min waqti täàüîr àilâ mâ tauti 50ms, wa 30ms àivâ tamäti al-àomôro ealâ mâ yorâm. English: The aim of this project is to create a full remote PC control of EeasyStar using an XBox controller, XBee Pro 2.4GHz modems and Arduino. We try to keep a laten

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this basically a script repo, Where I am going to be storing various scripts I write for Kildclient and luakit web browser if any of them are of interest to you please feel free. all scripts will be under the GPL