WiKID Strong Authentication System

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The WiKID Strong Authentication System is a public-key based two-factor authentication system. It is a flexible, extensible, and secure alternative to tokens, certs and passwords. Application amp; API support exists for Java, ASP, PHP, Ruby, OpenVPN, TACACS+, etc. Get our new eGuide on Adding Two-factor authentication to your network:



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Wikid-two-factor-authentication - An open source two-factor, mutual authentication system

Two-factor authentication from WiKIDThe WiKID Strong Authentication System is a public key-based two-factor authentication system. It is flexible, extensible, and secure alternative to tokens,certs & passwords. Application support for Java, Windows, PHP, Ruby, Python, SugarCRM, webmail, OpenVPN, LDAP, TACACS+, etc. Open source token clients include a J2SE client and a Firefox extension (in beta). The token client encrypts the user's PIN with the WiKID server's public key and sends it to the serv

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WiKID Systems ( offers an open source two-factor authentication solution implemented on a Linux server, with clients for all major desktop operating systems and several mobile phone platforms. However, their code is written in Java, and Java is seen by many as slow and bloated. Enter: PyWikid, the first third party WiKID Token Client. PyWikid is developed by Hurricane Labs ( as an open source implementation of the WiKID one-time-password p


WiKID is a dual-source two-factor authentications solution.

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