Wiki in a Jar

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quot;Wiki in a Jarquot; is a small Wiki written in Java with great focus on simplicity. It is intended to run on a USB stick as a replacement for a paper note- and address book as a Personal Information Manager (PIM). It supports vcard (vcf) contact files.



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Daedalum - A pure Java video player framework

Dadealum is an experimental pure Java video player framework built on top of the excellent Xuggler ffmpeg wrapper. PrerequisitesJava 1.6AntXugglerGetting StartedThis project has a lot of experimental code, and might not work out-of-the-box for you. Included with the project is an ant build file that uses Apache Ivy to resolve and download dependencies. To run, you'll need to get a working version of Xuggler for your system and create a build properties file as such: #Daedalum build.propertiesxug

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Wiwordik - Machine-readable WiktionaryDictionary. A visual interface to the parsed English Wiktionary and Russian Wiktionary databases. DownloadDownload Java 7 JRE and JavaFX and try it right now with webstart: (Please, don't "Save file", you should click and select "Open with" Java Web Start application.) Visual interface to Russian Wiktionary (94 MB). Visual interface to English Wiktionary (305 MB, slow loading only first time - 45 min, Java Web Start will install the application locally). If

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"A running start for your GWT (1.6.x or 1.5.x) maven2 project" --Sam Brodkin, founder of and sole contributor to this project NewsThis project is deprecated. See my gwt spring starter app for easy spring integration with GWT 2.x and maven2! Otherwise, for now for GWT 2.0 see This project is finally updated for GWT 1.6.x. Looking forward, I've switched from the maven-googlewebtoolkit2-plugin (deprecated) to the codehaus gwt-maven-plugin - 6 Ju