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Allows the control of a windows mouse using the IR camera on the wiimote.




Related Projects


DarwiinRemote is a tiny program amp; library which reads data from and sends data to Nintendo Wii Remote (Wiimote), nunchuk, amp; classic controller.


A collection of tools that are easy to configure to take input from game controllers (gamepads, wiimotes, sixaxis controllers), and output midi or osc data for use in music programs

Wiimote for C++

This package is a development library for C++ to use a remote control of Wii on WIN32 platforms


WiiC is a C/C++ library that manages Wii devices. It supports Wiimote, Nunchuck, Classic, Guitar Hero 3, Motion Plus, and Balance Board. It runs on Linux and Mac platforms.

Wiimote-paintboard - Wiimote Paintboard extends Wiimote Whiteboard to provide graphic utilities and

Wiimote Paintboard extends Wiimote Whitebaord both by adding support for additional Wiimote functionality as well as providing a GUI that allows for painting/typing documents. This system provides options for saving and loading these documents.

Wiimote4virtools - Wiimote support for Virtools Dev 4.0

Wiimote4Virtools is a plugin for Virtools Dev 4.0 (at the moment) providing a set building blocks to send and receive events from one or more Wiimotes. It uses http://digitalretrograde.com/projects/wiim/|Wiim for Wiimote(s) management.

Wiisudoku - Homebrew sudoku game for the wii

A simple sudoku game for the wii. Wiimote supported.

Mymote - A simple interface to the WiiMote IR sensor

This java library provides utilities to connect to a wiimote device and read the ir sensor output. The supported ir reports are Basic and Extended.

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