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wig is a simple web image grabber. Wig uses wget to download an image from the web and display it on your desktop; updating the image every X seconds. Written using C and GTK+. Have fun wiggin' out :)




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Hair-styler - android application on image processing

user image is to be proessed in terms of removing the existing hair and replacing one of the optional wigs instead

Wherugo - WherUGo for Magellan eXplorist 510, 610 and 710

DescriptionA Wherigo-client for Magellan eXplorist 510, 610 and 710. HelpersAndy Wu (https://plus.google.com/116069753020823412111/) with LUA for WinCE Thue Tuxen for Embedding Lua in C# .Net LicenseThe project source codes are released under GNU GPL v3. External SourceseXplorist X10 MOD decoded GWC structure OpenWIG Lua for WinCE Embedding Lua in C# .Net

Openwig - Alternate Wherigo player for JavaME phones

AboutOpenWIG is an attempt to develop a j2me (java micro edition) mobile application (midlet) with same capabilities as Wherigo player. It achieves this by implementing Lua extensions used in Wherigo source files. Please, report bugs! I fix them, and often rather soon! But there is nothing worse than googling for "openwig" and reading "oh, so i tried it, but it didn't work with my cartridge, maybe next version" and not know what the problem is. Prosím, všechny chyby hlašte! Já je pak opravuj

Whitestone Interactive GPS Software

This application talks to a GPS device over the NMEA protocol via the WIGSGPSComm API. The first version of the WIGS application will present the GPS data in an intuitive fashion, and later releases will be further enhanced with special map support.

Biotoolbox - Tools for querying and analysis of genomic data

A collection of various perl scripts that utilize bioperl modules for use in bioinformatics analysis. Tools are included for processing microarray data, next generation sequencing data, data file format conversion, querying datasets, and general high level analysis of datasets. This tool box of programs relies on storing genome annotation, microarray, and next generation sequencing data in local bioperl databases, allowing for data retrieval relative to any annotated feature in the database. Whi

Playar - Augmented and Alternate Reality Game Server for Layar

Playar - Game server for ( Augmented / Alternate ) Reality GEO-MMORPG Game With LAYAR Api 6.0Playar GEO-MMORPG Server host as alpha release - Occupy Montreal. Place your avatar and occupy Montreal yourself for a real change.Le Serveur Playar accueil pour le lancement de la version alpha du serveur de jeu GEO-MMORPG Playar - Occupons Montréal. Place ton Avatar et occupe toi aussi Montréal.Part of the Imajie Project hosted on www.imajie.tv. This server is using wherigo cartridge or urwigo projec

Mashup-dmulert-wigworkcompass - ISN WIG

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Reads2wig - generate sequencing coverage from sequencing reads data.

Generate sequencing coverage from sequencing reads data. To do peak calling or differential analysis between wiggle files, please try our product DANPOS

Wizzywig - Simple in-browser WYSIWYG HTML editor and saver

Installation & UsageWizzyWig is a tool to edit local HTML files in your browser. For example, we use it to edit Fit tests. It works best with Firefox and probably not at all with IE, but why would you be using IE anyway? (1) Extract wizzywig-0.2.jar to the root of your html folders, using any zip tool, or: jar -xvf wizzywig-[version].jar(2) Include the bootstrap script in your html <head>: <script type="text/javascript" src="wizzywig/wizzyWigBoot.js"></script>You may need to modify the path slig