The WiFiDog captive portal suite

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The WiFi Guard Dog project is a complete and embeddable captive portal solution for wireless community groups or individuals who wish to open free HotSpots while preventing abuse of their connection. Go to to download the latest version.



Related Projects

Dogonrails - A tiny Wifidog Auth Server that is written in Ruby on Rails

DogOnRails, or WifidogOnRails, or WoR, or DoR, is a Ruby on Rails back-end for the Wifidog Captive Portal software ( It will be designed to use WifiDog in conjunction with various forms of Mesh Networks.

Portalas - Simple portal d'autenticació d'usuaris mitjançant Wifidog

Aquest projecte és un simple portal que respon a les peticions d'autenticació que genera el dimoni Wifidog (wifidog daemon). Aquest projecte està provat utilitzant un punt d'accés amb firmware DD-WRT v24 que porta aquest dimoni L'idea del projecte és no fer servir el sistema php/postgress del propi wifidog i fer un sistema més senzill que permeti administrar les autenticacions sobre un punt d'accés. El projecte està creat amb codi php i base de dades mysql. Aquest sistema de

TUC - The UAM Center

Highly configurable Universal Access Method(UAM) server for Chillispot, CoovaChilli or WifiDog. Contains a Dynamic Walled Garden as well as a system to use PayPal or Google Checkout to purchase time.

Dogonrailstwo - The Rails 2.0 version of DogOnRails, now with more Ruby

This is the next incarnation of RubyOnRails. This is to get the app, smaller, nicer and generally better.

multidog - Multidog based on Wifidog

Multidog based on Wifidog

Wifidog - A captive portal suite

A captive portal suite


(this project is no longer maintained) Custom version of the WordPress Wifidog plugin for Citizen Space

AuthPuppy - Next gen captive portal server. Successor to WifiDog

Next gen captive portal server. Successor to WifiDog