WiFiAdmin, The Free WiFi Web Interface

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Wifiadmin is a PHP web interface for managing linux routers. It supports HostAP and MadWifi AP control and general interface support for wireless tools-enabled drivers. It creates an environment for administering the needs of a linux hotspot with multipl




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Pyramidlinux - Pyramid Linux

Pyramid 1.0b6 is available for download: http://dl.metrix.net/support/dist/ Pyramid is binary linux distro for use on x86 embedded platforms. It is primarily focused on wireless applications however people have found many great uses for it. We primarily develop and test Pyramid for Metrix Kits, but it works well on other x86 based hardware as well. Check the WorkingHardware page for more info or add to it if you find hardware not listed that works with Pyramid. Who maintains pyramid? Pyramid was