Widget Environment

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An easy to use window environment written in JavaScript to give your webpages the look and feel of a desktop. Features include: basic window behaviour (close, maximize, minize), a navigation menu with submenu's and a listing of all opened windows.




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Podunk - Simple library for creating tabular PDF reports using Python and Reportlab

A simple library for creating tabular PDF reports in Python using the excellent ReportLab PDF library (www.reportlab.org). Here's an example: #!/usr/bin/env pythonfrom podunk.project.report import Reportfrom podunk.widget.table import Tablefrom podunk.widget.heading import Headingfrom podunk.prefab import alignmentfrom podunk.prefab.formats import format_us_currencyfrom podunk.prefab.formats import format_two_decimalstable = Table()col = table.add_column('employee')col = table.add_column('rate')

Twikia - Widget

Widget que funciona como cliente de Twitter para dispositivos S60 usando el Web Run Time de Nokia. Además permite enviar SMS con la API HTTP de envío de SMS de Open Movilforum. Licencia: Apache 2.0 Versión: 0.1b Capturas: http://www.flickr.com/photos/30092112@N03/ Web: http://www.twikia.com EnglishWidget for S60 devices that works as twitter client. Contact: twikia {at} gmail.com

Wxwidgets-vista - wxwidgets build on vista for wxhaskell

1. wxwidgets is built with mingw which is included in strawberry-perl- on vista, for wxhaskell 2. steps to install wxhaskell a) copy wx-config to your PATH, b) set env WXWIN=c:\\wxWidgets WXCFG=gcc_dll\\mswu CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH=C:\\strawberry\\c\\include\\c++\\3.4.5;C:\\strawberry\\c\\include\\c++\\3.4.5\\mingw32;C:\\strawberry\\c\\include\\c++\\3.4.5\\backward;C:\\msys\\1.0\\include; C_INCLUDEDE_PATH=C:\\strawberry\\c\\include;C:\\msys\\1.0\\include; c) cabal install wx 3. solve the comc

Flexible-liferay - FlexibleLiferay: Flex+AIR based portal container application for Liferay

Flex+AIR portal container for LiferayCan display regular Liferay portlets (JSR-168, JSR-286, HTML/Ajax etc.) All of Liferay backend, standards it supports can be leveraged Could display Flex portlets (swfs) without html wrapper (no need for special handling of restarting when resize portlet) from within a portlet war (not implemented) Leverage Liferay app catalog to also manage Flex portlets Leverage Liferay security / authentication (ldap, sso, etc.) to also manage Flex portlets Flex portlets c

Wixet - Red Social Libre

NOTA: Para descargar versiones anteriores de wixet (que estaban en subversion) usar el comando "svn checkout http://wixet.googlecode.com/svn/ wixet-read-only" Sobre WixetWixet es el sucesor de la antigua red social llamada Cutrenti. Se mantiene bajo la filosofía de software libre. Todo el software así como las dependencias usadas son libres. Está preparado para trabajar usando php, mysql y apache bajo GNU/Linux. El código javascript usado (así como el resto de la web) es compatible con nave

Jsf-flex - This project aims at having flex widgets as JSF components

Abstract For ref, due to HTML5's ever growing presence I personally don't see much future with Flex. However, I will periodically check in as I do consider it to be a playground of sort." JSF Flex's main goals are : Provide users capability in creating standard Flex components as JSF components [note dynamic charts and some other components are not part of standard Flex SDK]. By doing so users can be ignorant to Flash and Actionscript as the project will create the necessary content to bind the