Wicked Shell

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Wicked Shell - A non-evil eclipse plugin providing an integrated shell. This plugin enables the use of the system shell directly from the eclipse IDE.




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Shell4eclipse - Shell4Eclipse allows you to use your favorite shell (bash, cmd.exe, cygwin, 4nt, etc

Inspired by wickedshell the shell4eclipse Eclipse Plug-in Project will bring your favorite shell within eclipse. The project will be kept simple and will not do more than the real shell, e.g. it will not provide any special command completion other than the one in the underlying shell. Shell4Eclipse is just starting, however you can install it and give it a try. Make sure to give your suggestions or report any bugs under Issues. For a free discussion use the shell4eclipse discussion group, or vi

Brightshell - a eclipse plugin provides shell inside

we wish to use the system shell(such as cmd.exe on windows) inside eclipse. i found a good plugin named wickedshell, it works fine. however it can not handle ctrl-c. with this plugin, we plan to support signals such as ctrl-c, ctrl-z, ctrl-break. roadmap:implement signal in native code. implement an eclipse plugin.