Web Input Completion Kit

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An evolving framework that leverages web standards such as JavaScript, DOM and CSS to facilitate textual input in form UI elements assisted by remote data sources. This framework strives to remain unobtrusive and preserve a form's semantics and accessibi




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Yourls - Your Own URL Shortener

YOURLS is a set of PHP script that will allow you to run your own URL shortener, a la TinyURL/bit.ly. You can make it private or public, and a WordPress plugin makes integration with your WordPress blog (and Twitter) a snap. It provides wicked stats and analytics


Use wicked to turn your controller into a wizard

wicked - Use wicked to turn your controller into a wizard

Use wicked to turn your controller into a wizard

PeppermintOS - Linux based OS for Cloud

Peppermint OS is a fork of Lubuntu. Peppermint is a Linux based Operating System that is Cloud / Web Application Centric, Sleek, User Friendly and Insanely Fast. Peppermint was designed for enhanced mobility, efficiency and ease of use. While other operating systems are taking 10 minutes to load, you are already connected, communicating and getting things done. And, unlike other operating systems, Peppermint is ready to use out of the box.

Wicked Shell

Wicked Shell - A non-evil eclipse plugin providing an integrated shell. This plugin enables the use of the system shell directly from the eclipse IDE.

Wickdd - Wick Digital Dailies System

Wick is a system for managing the flow of digital media assets throughout a visual effects team. It is designed for use by distributed teams, as it uses open Internet protocols such as SFTP and RSS for data delivery. The purpose is to push daily team output to those that need to see it. Wick prefers lightweight to robust mechanisms wherever there's a choice between these properties; whatever the simplest way that can possibly work is, that's what Wick does.

Pwn-engine - pwn game engine & tools

the Pretty Wicked Next-gen engine is a C++ game-engine that uses OpenGL and associated tools. Wicked is British slang and means Excellent; awesome; masterful; deeply satisfying according to wiktionary. Next-gen means next-gen api interface, not next-gen graphics.

Wickedhrm - A Open Source HRM Application

The Wicked HRM Application is an open source application designed to create a customizable HRM solution. The HRM Suite will come with: - Website - Client Application - Server Application

Wickext - WickeXt integrates the JavaScript frameworks jQuery and jQuery UI with the Java framework

WickeXt becomes WiQuery !It's about one year that we are working on WickeXt. We have now two new teamates, the members of the jQuery4Wicket project that are joining us to make this project better. The WiQuery project is the new name of WickeXt, and will be the 1.0 release of our project. Get more information at: WiQuery, we're currently working on the 1.0-alpha version. This google code will be closed when WiQuery will be released. WickeXt integrates jQuery, jQuery UI and Wicket. How to use Wick

Personalfinance-wicket - Samle web application which allows to enter application for personal loan n

The wicked web application contains some menus, pdf generation codes and database entity manager. Maven 2.2 is used as build tool. Some integration tests will be present