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Whuffie will be an open, client-neutral communications standard proposed for establishing reputations in a distributed environment. Client behavior beyond comminication is not to be defined.




Related Projects

Django-social-economics - Economic relationships for loosely-connected groups implemented in Django

The economic relationships are based on the REA (Resources, Events and Agents) model: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resources_Events_Agents REA has the virtue of supporting any economic relationships, not limited to formal companies or money. For example, whuffie accounting for open-source software projects (see obols below) or barter among friends (see swaps below). (But of course it will also support the usual economic relationships within a company but also across companies or among members of

The Bitchun Society Whuffie Tracker

The Bitchun Society is a global distributed real-time reputation tracking system. It is implemented as a plugin for Skype that is a layer on top of Skype's p2p network to communicate opinions and calculate the relative reputations of all participants.

Pytweet - A pythonic library that provides a beautiful simple interface to the Twitter API.

A pythonic library that provides a simple interface to the Twitter API. Values are normalized into python types. Pagination logic is abstracted. You can slice/get items from result set and forget about implementation. Just like: results[:100] or results[200:500] Search API included Lazy search. Still in beta. Implemented so far: search trends/current trends/daily trends/weekly statuses/friends statuses/followers statuses/user_timeline statuses/destroy statuses/update users/show friendships/crea

whuffienet - All the whuffie, all the time.

All the whuffie, all the time.


A job bank that uses the whuffie as the method of exchange

makinwhuffie - GetWhuffie the social capital game

GetWhuffie the social capital game