Wserve HTTP server

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A simple HTTP server for Windows NT/2000/XP



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Ip400w-http - use HTML for vieweing and controlling TrendNet TV-IP400W

Information and code samples for communicating with TrendNet TV-IP400W over HTTP using pure HTML markup.

Urldigger - A python tool to extract URL addresses from different HOT sources and/or detect SPAM and

FAQ URLDIGGER REFERENCESBadware Busters / Securitytube tools NEWS!!!Working in an online version. Stay tuned!! Urldigger (cazaurls in spanish) is an experimental script created to extract URL addresses from different sources and optionally check them for looking SPAM or malicious code. Currently working with Google, Twitter, Alexa and some malware sources. If the most popular web pages get compromised by drive-by download attacks, can potentially infect a large population. Extract high url lists