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whosthere - A ssh server that knows who you are. $ ssh whoami.filippo.io

A ssh server that knows who you are. $ ssh whoami.filippo.io

Libverbose - A sysadmin's library for troubleshooting applications

libverbose is a library (not yet thread safe) which overrides certain functions and logs pertinent information to syslog. It is used via LD_PRELOAD (or I suppose via LD_LIBRARY_PATH). An optional configuration file is loaded each time the library is loaded. PurposeWhile it may have other uses, libvervose was created for use in a web hosting environment. Specifically to combat PHP exploits. That is, you have a client who's sites are continually or currently being exploited. This library should he

sshkit - A toolkit for deploying code and assets to servers in a repeatable, testable, reliable way.

The typical use-case looks something like this:```rubyrequire 'sshkit/dsl'on %w{1.example.com 2.example.com}, in: :sequence, wait: 5 do within "/opt/sites/example.com" do as :deploy do with rails_env: :production do rake "assets:precompile" runner "S3::Sync.notify" execute "node", "socket_server.js" end end endend```One will notice that it's quite low level, but exposes a convenient API, the`as()`/`within()`/`with()` are nestable in any order, repeatable

Compacttable - lockless table compact utility for postgresql

First: I must say thanks to authors of this two posts:http://blog.endpoint.com/2010/09/reducing-bloat-without-locking.html and http://www.depesz.com/index.php/2010/10/17/reduce-bloat-of-table-without-longexclusive-locks/ These two posts was provided me exellent ideas and starting point to create somewhat fast and reliable tool. IntroductionUnfortunatelly, exessive table bloat still can happen in real projects and task of compacting PostgreSQL table without long downtime is very common. So I wrot

Smhideandseek - SM: Hide and Seek

SM: Hide and SeekThis is the project page of the sourcemod implementation of the Hide and Seek gameplay modification for Counter-Strike:Source. Terrorists "Hiders" choose a random model on spawn, like a chair, plant or a sign, which is common on the played map and search a place, where they blend in best. The CTs "Seekers" wait a specified time to give the hiders a chance to find their spot. They have to search for the hiders and shoot them. Seekers either lose some health (default 5 hp) on ever

whyami - Ontological counterpart to whoami that explains the meaning of life.

Ontological counterpart to whoami that explains the meaning of life.

whoami - Sources of the final thesis

Sources of the final thesis

git-whoami - essential Git command

essential Git command