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Development of libwhisker (a full-featured Perl library used for HTTP-related functions, including vulnerability scanning and exploitation).



Related Projects

Apache Whisker - Apache Whisker assists assembled applications to maintain correct legal documentati

Apache Whisker allows an application to models the licensing characteristics of the contents of its distributions. Use cases are auditing the model against the contents of a distribution, reporting on the contents of a distribution and generation licensing documents (LICENSE, NOTICE and so on) for a distribution. Whisker distributes tooling for the command line and build system such as Maven.


Educational PocketPC application used for general bluetooth and wireless radio recon. Whiskers tries to exploit hardware available on common PDAs providing extras such as tracking devices, GPS logging, scripting features etc...

Cms-explorer - CMS Explorer - Discover the CMS components behind the site

CMS Explorer is designed to reveal the the specific modules, plugins, components and themes that various CMS driven web sites are running. Additionally, CMS Explorer can be used to aid in security testing. While it performs no direct security checks, the "explore" option can be used to reveal hidden/library files which are not typically accessed by web clients but are nonetheless accessible. This is done by retrieving the module's current source tree and then requesting those file names from the

Whiskertracker - Track whisker movements in rodents

Whisker Tracker is a Matlab based application for tracking head and whisker movements in high-speed movies of freely moving or restrained rodents. Multiple tracking modes are supported through a graphical user interface with a small screen footprint. Choose from many pre-processing routines to track any high-speed AVI file automatically. Manual error correction is built-in. Increase tracking speeds significantly by batch processing simultaneously with multiple Whisker Tracker instances running o

Person-projects-david-x-wang - Personal projects by David X Wang

Projects created by David X Wang. Includes personal, study and commercial projects. CommercialContactDiscoverer (Android 2.1 update 1) TimeBox (Android 2.1 update 1) GamesBattle Spaceships (Flash ActionScript 2) Gravity Battle (C#) Monopoly (Java) Whiskers of the East (Blender/Python 3) AlgorithmsSudoku solver (Java) 3D render pipeline (Java) N-body simulation (Java) GPS Navigator (Java) Please visit the Downloads page for the above projects.

Chromaclock - an experiment in soft switches and time.

There are a lot of options for switches: pushbutton (momentary switches), toggle, slide, whisker, etc. But why not try making your own? A switch is simply a mechanism to bring two pieces of conductive material together. This is an example of an alternative time-telling piece that uses chromatography paper and different solutes and solvents. The solvent carries the pigments in ink solutes to different heights on the paper. In this case the saltwater solvent also serves as a conductive mechanism b

Phubar - Phase-Universal Virtual Flybar for R/C Helicopters

PhuBarPhase-Universal Virtual Flybar PhuBar is a stabilizer device for micro-sized R/C helicopters. It is based on the Parallax Propeller processor and MEMS gyro chips. It provides stabilization similar to that of a physical weighted flybar, making small helicopters easier to fly, and making the physical flybar unnecessary. The latest version, the PhuBar3, has an InvenSense ITG-3200 3-axis gyro chip which provides yaw control in addition to roll and pitch. It also has extra eeprom storage which

Whiskers - Whiskers Ti Application

Whiskers Ti Application