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JWhirli is a graphical simulator that allows one to model whirligig beetles.




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WhirlyGlobe - WhirlyGlobe Development

WhirlyGlobe Development

Whirlyglobe - A 3D earth display library for the iPad and iPhone

WhirlyGlobe is a self contained 3D earth display view suitable for use in iPhone and iPad applications. The globe is rendered in OpenGL ES with a configurable multi-part texture and allows for vector data overlays. It is intended as a (relatively) lightweight widget that can be dropped in to your app to do simple data overlay and interaction with a globe. It can also do more heavy duty data interaction if you want to use it as the centerpiece for a globe based app. Updates and DocumentationAnnou

Titanium-adwhirl - AdWhirl module for Titanium (iPhone & Android)

AdWhirl module for Titanium (iPhone & Android) Usage: Include modules like this (adwhirl module is required, all other modules relate to the individual ad networks. Include those modules that you would like to use). In tiapp.xml: <modules> <module version="0.1">com.riksof.ti.adwhirl</module> <module version="0.1">com.riksof.ti.admob</module> <module version="0.1">com.riksof.ti.iad</module> <module version="0.1">com.riksof.ti.mdotm</module></modules>In your JavaScript code: var adWhirlModule = re

wg-resources - WhirlyGlobe shared resources

WhirlyGlobe shared resources

whirly - Dead simple UI carousel

Dead simple UI carousel


Steve Gibson's WhirlyGlobe 1.2. To be dispensed with once he gets 2.0 (or 1.3) on github


a precompiled version of WhirlyGlobe suitable for use when you don't want to keep compiling the whole thing


A framework wrapper for the scalable, non-blocking web server tornado.


A mirror of http://whirlyglobe.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/


Blue Marble Next Generation MBTiles (origin at https://whirlyglobe.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/WhirlyGlobeTester/resources/MBTiles/blue-marble-topo-jan.mbtiles)