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Whatsup is a cluster node up/down detection utility.




Related Projects

Whatsup757 - What's Up 757? finds events in Hampton Roads from popular sources for Android

What's Up 757? is an Android application written in Java with the Android Platform SDK. It uses the HTTPClient Fluent Builder libraries to download and parse source event websites and display their events in an RSS-like format.

Whatsup: Simple Azure Cloud App for Sharing Status

"Whatsup" is a sample cloud app for the Windows Azure platform--very simple, but with more realism than a "Hello Cloud". It lets you share your status and see the status of others, similar to what you see on Facebook. It is a cloud-hosted ASP.NET app that uses SQL Data Services.

Whats-up - a complete search engine

a complete search engine (crawler, indexer, pagerank and searcher)

whatsup - Pynotify Sample

Pynotify Sample


team stats at a glance


A realm status website.

whatsup - A realm status website.

A realm status website.

whatsup - modal jquery plugin

modal jquery plugin