profiling - An interactive Python profiler.

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An interactive Python profiler.



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Wosaic - Cross-platform application to create a photo mosaic, using pictures from Flickr, Facebook,

WosaicEver wondered what you could do with all the hundreds of digital pictures that you've accumulated? Why not make a mosaic? Wosaic is an open source project that allows you to recreate an existing image by using many smaller images, as shown above. It was started as a project for CS 242 - Programming Studio at UIUC, and will be continuing on to Engineering Open House in the Spring of 2008. Wosaic is not the only program of its kind. Several other solutions already exist, however Wosaic aims

Notifypropertyweaver - Notify Property Weaver

Injects INotifyPropertyChanged code into properties at compile time. No install required No attributes required No references required No base class required Supports .net 3.5, .net 4, .net 4.5, Silverlight 3, Silverlight 4, Silverlight 5 and Windows Phone 7 Supports client profile mode Simply add the weaving task to your project. See Setup For a version history see ReleaseNotes Feel free to ping me on twitter Setup can be simplified by installing the Visual Studio

Agilefx - ORM and Modeling Tools for the Microsoft .Net Framework

What is AgileFx?AgileFx is a LINQ-based ORM for the .Net Framework, with features comparable to Entity Framework and special attention given to performance. AgileFx was started in late 2009 by AgileHead, when customers requested an ORM which is as fast as Linq to Sql, but having the more advanced features found in Entity Framework. Linq to Sql was great for performance; it usually produced highly optimized queries comparable to handwritten queries. Unfortunately, Linq to Sql lacked many importan

Gtestvsaddin - GTest and GMock VS2008 AddIn

AbstractThis is a toolbar of VS2008 for unit test with gtest and gmock,integrated with VS2008 Team Tools. As all known, it is very efficient to persue unit test with gtest + gmock + gcov, but there is no similar easy-to-use coverage tool integrated with VS2008 for free. But actually VS2008 has embedded a coverage tool, although it is mainly designed for managed code. It's a little bit inconvenient to use command line to call it, so I have developped this addin to simplify it and encourage more u

Micro-profiler - Realtime Instrumenting C++ profiler for MS VC 7.1+ with IDE integration

MicroProfiler is a simple way to see in realtime what your application is busy with. It is almost effortless to add it to an existing VisualStudio C++ project. The profiler utilizes ability of MSVC to splice prolog/epilog calls into complied functions. To make things really simple, MicroProfiler is coming with VisualStudio integration built-in.

Facebook-cpp-graph-api - Implementetion of facebook Graph api in c++ for desktop applications using

UPDATE! My new project :Music Social Recommendation and sharing TunesAmp Who am i: my name is meir yanovich and im c++/java developer mostly doing server infra cross platform (unix/linux/window) stuff in my day job. but sometimes i like to experiment stuff in my spare time. also If you interested in data mining/data aggregations and web spiders this project may interest you: c++ Web Spider or if you have young kids: Kids Browser More projects : MakeGame2D penguin music club playlist you can find