Whole-Genome Shotgun Assembler

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Celera Assembler (CA) is a whole-genome shotgun (WGS) assembler for the reconstruction of genomic DNA sequence from WGS sequencing data.




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Tilers-tools - A few scripts for tiled maps creation and manipulation

gdal_tiler.py -- converts a GDAL-compatible map file (dataset) into a set of zoom-levelled tile directories (a pyramid). A few output pyramid structure/projections (profiles) are supported: compatible with Google Maps (native and TMS-comatible), Google Earth, Yandex and generic. The script is relatively fast, especially when processing a paletted source in the "draft mode" or rendering a few datasets simultaneously. It is also less picky with dataset formats and projections. In particular, it ca


A WGS de novo assembler based on the FMD-index for large genomes

geohydra - Geospatial MetaData ToolKit for use in a GeoHydra head

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