WorldFreeWeb (WFW)

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Concept for integrating FreeNet with the WWW architecture.



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Mapbased-wfw - a web framework based on servlet api.

我在2004年开始�的一个Web开�框架,很多特性类似tapestry。 特性: >基于模�,�个模�对应一个处�handler的class,该class有独立的classloader,在修改��用�起。 >模��以通过jwcid绑定component,或者绑定到hander上的方法等 >支�border,类似asp.net的master页� >支�国际化和本地化 >支�jsp和GWT >方便的根�目录生�网站导航

Wfw-navbar - 一个wordpressçš„plugins,用æ�¥æ·»åŠ ä¸€ä¸ªå¯¼èˆªæ�¡ï¼Œè¯¥å¯¼èˆªæ�¡æ ¹æ�®å½“å‰�ä½�ç½

这个plugins的�行方�如下: ---1. 当你现在的�置在主页的时候,你的导航�将会显示主页和其他所以第一级的categories的链接。 ---2. 当你现在的�置在一个category页�里的时候,你的导航�会显示主页的链接和这个category�层上一级的categories的链接(如果存在)。 和它的所有的下一级的categories的链接(如果存在)。 ---3. 当它在一篇post页�的时候,它显示主页和该post所在的cat

car-share project

CarShareCarShare is a software project designed to connect people who travel between cities. It's purpose is that everybody, who owns a car or any other vehicle can offer his free seats in his vehicle publicly to other people, which will travel on the same route. When anybody needs to travel somewhere, he can look up a registered user in our application which will go the same way in the same time. It will be even possible to communicate with other users, to negotiate the terms, departure time, e

wfw - Eine Website mit wfw, 320up, html5boilerplate und 960grid

Eine Website mit wfw, 320up, html5boilerplate und 960grid

WFW - Smartphone app wordfued clone

Smartphone app wordfued clone

wfw - light MVC web-framework written in python

light MVC web-framework written in python

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