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A rapid psexec style attack with samba tools

Dinheiro sob Contole

Dinheiro sob Controle é um programa simples, e fácil de usar, para gestão de finanças pessoais. Nele são registrados gastos e recebimentos, e com isso são gerados diversos relatórios para a análise. O programa é desenvolvido em C# 3.5 com WPF, WF e usa os conceitos de IUI.

QuickFlow - SharePoint Workflow Enhancement and Flowchart Designer

A simple and powerfull workflow engine on SharePoint. It provider a flowchart flowcontainer to make the development of complex sharepoint workflow more easy. It's based on WF3.5 not WF4.


Openticket is a way for me to learn and develop my skills in new .NET technologies. The goal is to produce a online ticket sales system using .NET 3.5, ASP MVC, Windows WCF, Windows WF, Silverlight and ADO Entity Framework.

Python-simpleencode - Simple python encoder/decoder for short strings given a salt useful for data o

simple encode decode with a private key, based on the base64 encode and decode. Initially developed for turning database ID's into URL's without exposing the ids in the url, or having a bot iterate over the values. Also useful for storing passwords which need to be converted back to clear text, in alphanumeric form given a secret word. This is NOT encryption nor a hash. This is NOT cryptographically safe. For that an SSL public/private key pair is preferred. For situations where the encoded stri

Cowbell - A collection of MarkupExtension classes for making XAML more expressive

A Poem on XAMLWe programmers, as you know, have malformed brains. Most of the time we tend to think like engineers, but if you give a regular engineer a new tool, the engineer will say "Thank you for this interesting tool. I will keep it in mind if a problem arises that seems to require it." A programmer, on the other hand, given a tool like XAML, starts to think: "This is very cool. I wonder what I can do with this in the absence of all other tools. What it would be like to live on Planet XAML?

Dropthings - Web 2.0 AJAX Portal in ASP.NET, jQuery and Silverlight

OverviewDropthings is a Personalizable Widget powered Web Portal framework that demonstrates the power of Ajax and Widget Framework to build Web 2.0 websites as well as Enterprise Dashboards. It is an Open Source framework that embraces learnings from my 10+ year long journey with .NET and shows all the Performance and Scalability techniques I have used to scale sites to millions of users. You can extend the fully functional site in any way you like. You can build your own custom widgets, beside

Html5-class - HTML5 � 모바� 웹 개발 �육

HTML5 � 모바� 웹 개발 �육본 �육 �료는 HTML5와 모바� 웹 개발� 위한 제주지역 웹 개발� � 컴퓨터 공학 학�들� 대�으로 한 융합 IT 전문가 �육 과정� �료입니다. 프론트 엔드 웹 개발�를 대�으로 하는 10�간 혹� 1학기간 � 3시간� 강�와 실습 과제가 가능한 프로그램으로 구성�어 있습니다. �육 소개�시: 2010년 8월 16�(월) ~ 27�(금) 장소: 다� GMC � 제주 벤

Webforms2 - Web Forms 2.0 Cross-Browser Implementation

Update, 7 November 2010: Moving to GitHub: Update, 3 June 2009: Now that the Web Forms 2.0 has been edited into HTML5, this project will seek to implement as much of the HTML5 Forms section as possible. This will be a complete rewrite of the codebase. Restarting this project will commence as time permits. A cross-browser implementation of the WHATWG Web Forms 2.0 specification. This specification is currently a mature working draft and has been adopted by

Fdtd-axially-symmetric-dielectric-optical-fiber - FDTD code for axially symmetric structures. Struct

%This program simulates the propagation of a gaussian beam in an optical %fiber %lambda0 is the incident wavelength clear c=2.99792458e8; %speed of light in free space(m/s) mu0=1.0*pi*4.0e-7; %magnetic permeabilty eps0=1/(c*c*mu0); % electric permeability lambda=400e-9; sample=10; %number of samples per wavelength dz=lambda/sample; %space increment dr=lambda/sample; ds=lambda/sample; lambda0=450e-9; %wavelength of the source fs=c/lambda0; %frequency of the source omega=2*pi*fs; dt=ds/(2*c); KE=d