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This project will develop a set of Semantic Web Libraries implemented in declarative languages like Haskell or Curry.




Related Projects

Wesi - Interactive Semantic Web

WESI will be a simple semantic web interpreter. The development is part of WESO research group

Moldeas - Methods on Linked Data for E-Procurement Applying Semantics

The aim of the project is to develop methods and tools based on semantics and linked data to be applied on public procurement notices in the e-Procurement sector. More information at: http://purl.org/weso/moldeas/

brototype - Bro, do you even?

You've got a deeply-nested set of objects that may or may not always be there.We've all seen something like this:`var myURL = app.config.environment.buildURL('dev');`which leads to one of our favorite javascript errors...`error: undefined is not a function`And the solution only makes the code base ugly:```jsvar myURL;if (app && app.config && app.config.environment && app.config.environment.buildURL) { myURL = app.config.environment.buildURL('dev');}```We all hate that, don't we?So what if you


ACOTA: Automatic Collaborative Tagging [ACOTA HAS MOVED: https://github.com/weso/acota-seed https://github.com/weso/acota-core https://github.com/weso/acota-feedback https://github.com/weso/acota-utils ]

weso-pacman - A Javascript replica of PacMan. Made on behalf of a school project.

A Javascript replica of PacMan. Made on behalf of a school project.