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Weplab is a tool to review the security of WEP encryption in wireless networks from an educational point of view. Several attacks are available so it can be measured the efectiveness and minimun requirements of each one.




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GuifiDecrypterIntroGuifiDecrypter (aka GD) is a tool to check the security of your own networks. GD implements a graphycal GTK interface of aircrack-ng. It allow you to manejate airodump-ng and aireplay-ng in graphical mode. In easy way, you can select your network in a liststore GTK Widget and test your security clicking on some buttons. The mac clients, bssid, essid and some parameters are automatically selected with one mouse click. ScreenShotshere is a shot from svn (repository) version: ano

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Sharp Zaurus Utilities (mostly Network and Security) Applications Micq CenterICQ/SSL Netcat SSLproxy Rsh,rcp,rlogin,telnet,tftp,whois lynx, links, tsocks, rsync, ngrep Boa Nmap, Amap, hping2, nast, p0f, hunt John, Lcrack, Hydra, onesixyone aircrack, weplab less, gawk, screen, free, sysctl, top, uptime, w, watch, ps Advantage Works with every Linux Zaurus ROM (Open Zaurus, original Sharp ROM,...). You don't have to install. You don't have to waste your sharp memory. Just copy to your CF/SD card a