The Weird Quake Engine

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A weird experimental engine based on QuakeWorld code



Related Projects


WeirdX is a pure Java X Window System server.

Open Metronome

Free open source GPL metronome (a quot;branchquot; of quot;Weird Metronomequot;) for Windows, Windows Mobile, amp; Pocket PC. Uses user-definable multi-voice WAV or MIDI (PC only) sounds for the beats. Has a blinker amp; allows user defined bpm amp; fine measure control.

Russolo Suite

Standalone, LV2 and VST instruments amp; effects generating weird sounds, noises and glitches, for experimental music. Heavily inspired by the Futurist musician Luigi Russolo, the aim of this project is to create new instruments for the new century.

Darkevilzac - Just for fun, with many not so weird things in java.

Just for fun, with many weird thing in java. 从2011年�月开始作为资料收集的仓库和�历记录的日志。

Random-programs - The Random Programs of Max

Some random programs I've created. You really only would want these if you want weird programs or you're learning C++.


A tool, that let's you work, while watching videos, sounds weird... it is, but its pretty fun, try it out.

Sweet-framework - A sweet framework written for php5.3+

It tastes like candy. Well actually it probably tastes like some weird ass Mexican candy currently. I'll be working my ass off over the next couple weeks to get it cleaned up and documented tho.


AWT4MFC is a UI toolkit for MFC, based on the Java AWT. It is a great tool for building fast, lightweight UIs and creating resusable components that use proper C++ inheritance, with no weird macros or extensions. This is mature code, it has been in development (on and off) si...

Koal - A complete CMS for online reading solutions on the web.

Online reading is clunky. Unless you download desktop clients, reading from the web throws up banner ads, ugly fonts and weird line spacing, all of which distracts from the (surprisingly often, _good_) content.Koal wants to change that, offering authors a place to host their writing and for readers to read it distraction free.

Xceed - Minimalist tiling X window manager

xceed aims to provide a minimalist tiling X window manager. Currently available tiling managers: are written in some weird language with significant dependencies lack features have a steep learning curve for configuration have poor support for multi-head X xceed aims to solve these issues whilst being developed to ensure efficiency and portability.