Webware for Python

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Webware for Python is a suite of components for dynamic, server-side web development.




Related Projects


FunFormKit is a package for Webware that does form validation, conversion, and rendering.

Webware Sandbox

The Sandbox is a great place for *anyone* in the Webware community to share fledgling code. Join today and upload your modules! The Webware Sandbox is the quot;code wikiquot; of Webware.

Skitsanoswdk - Skitsanos Webware Development Kit

Webware Development Kit (WDK) is build to help Software and Webware application developers to program and deploy their projects within minimal timeframes. Today WDK widely used on web sites of Sales and Marketing firms, Real Estate Agencies, Hosting Service Providers, Gambling and in so many others. In coupe with our other product SiteAdmin content management became easy task that can be handled by any non-IT person. Web site with billion pages content can be managed just with few clicks on the

Yammer - Web UI for the Gale chat system

Gale is an obscure public key cryptography chat system. Installing and running Gale for the first time is immensely complicated because of the public key authentication framework.Yammer is a Web UI written in Python on the Webware framework; itmakes it trivial to get started using Gale: you just create a useraccount and converse with the cranky denizens. Yammer takes care ofkey generation and distribution. All public conversation is stored inits database, as are your private messages, which are


WebFormKit is a WebWare plug-in that allow developers to easily and quickly write web applications in a similar way they develop GUI application.

Open Source Enterprise

A complete server platform for business: web, database, portal, ecommerce, intranet, office, email, virtual office/VPN, security, groupware, CMS, CRM, workflow. Apache, LAMP, WAMP, J2EE, Zope, Webware,Perl,Python, jk2, portal kit, portlet, accounting/ERP

Ryce - Remote Python Command Engine

RyCE allows you to issue commands to groups of machines across your network/cluster. RyCE runs on both Linux and Windows machines. It will also issue commands to both Linux and Windows machines. The commands can be simple bash/dos or complicated plugins written in bash, dos, python, etc... RyCE has a logging system which provides detailed information about who and what was run across the network/cluster. RyCE has many ways in which you can interact with it such as the commmand-line, curses, wxPy

ExSite WebWare

ExSite is a Website Operating System - a complete website management system that includes user-friendly, browser-based tools for web authoring, content management, publishing, database administration, user management, dynamic content serving, and more.