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New template system for PHP5 (using objects and XML-based template langauge).




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Webtemplates-for-java - WebTemplates for Java

Webtemplate system for Java webdevelopment. Cut the Code from Design! For easy build List and handle Forms. Used by: http://code.google.com/p/login-managment-system/

Multiflexplus - Add-ons and hacks for the excellent Multiflex web templates

See http://www.1234.info/webtemplates/ Some of those templates are very useful and popular. These hacks make those templates easier to use.

Web-template - AJAX web site template, to share some useful codes and experience of mine in web deve

'web-template' is supposed to help developers to create a AJAX web app easier. Use this as a template site with some good features already coded to help u having a good start to create ur own web app. I started this project with the purpose to share my experience and tricks. 'web-template' is designed to divide server-side(java implement) totally from browser-side(javascript implement), it's different from traditional web app, it mostly like develop web api(server-side) and client (browser-side)

Webplodder - the dynamic way of static webpage creation

This static webpage generator allows it to embed any script-language in a webtemplate. The webplodder processes many page files and one template file with embed script code to generate a static webpage project. InstallationCompile from sourceDownload the latest snapshot or, get the source from the repository. Install the required libraries: Boost.Filesystem

Html-template-convert - Perl packages providing syntax translation between HTML::Template and Templa

There are two packages: HTML::Template::Convert::TT and Template::Convert::HTML that provide syntax translation from one to another web-template engine. It will be useful when need to change template engine of some web site. With syntax translation it becomes simple to change template engine at once and than rewrite each template as soon as you want.

Login-managment-system - Login Managment System LMS

LMS administrates (userdata, logindata) for mutible applications (single login). You can generate and use userrights for a miscellaneous applications. More Infos in German: http://www.uplink-gmbh.de Feature:Single Sign-on SSO Usertemplates Extrem flexible user warranties Webservice with WASH Web Templates with Webtemplates Tools with Tools Install:Create the DB with the mysql dump file from the download section. Deploy the LMS.war file on your Tomcat. Set username, password and url to the DB in

Closure-templates - Closure Templates are an easy-to-use template system for Java and JavaScript. Cl

What are Closure Templates?Closure Templates are a client- and server-side templating system that helps you dynamically build reusable HTML and UI elements. They are easy to learn and customizable to fit your application's needs. Closure Templates support JavaScript and Java and use a data model and expression syntax that works for either language. You can also use the built-in message support to easily localize your applications. What are the benefits of using Closure Templates?Convenience. Clo

Sharingweb - �ารพัฒนาระบบสำหรับ�ล�เปลี่ยน�

�ารพัฒนาระบบสำหรับ�ล�เปลี่ยน�ารเรียนรู้ Web Template

Gendesigns - Free web design templates

Gen Web DesignsAboutGen Web Designs is a mainly developed to share xhtml/css templates to others.Most the web templates found in the site http://gendesigns.blogspot.com are published in http://www.opendesigns.org Gen.LostwarriorBasically i came from electrical background.But i was interested to work in webapplications. My aim is to create good xhtml/css templates with less resources. Tools used1.Linux Desktop 2.Aptana Studio 3.Gimp Future PlansCreate Templates with css3 & make Templates similar