ASP.NET Web Slices

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ASP.NET Web Slices is a framework for creating web slice enabled ASP.NET applications.



Related Projects

Web Slices and Accelerators in PHP

This is a tutorial on how to create Web Slices and Accelerators for Internet Explorer 8. Included are Web Slices examples and sample code for MediaWiki, Wordpress and Facebook. The project also contains a brief introduction to Accelerators and provides associated sample code.

Juba - small web site framework in perl

This project contains a small web framework called Juba. A main design target is to have less dependecies to simple install sites a cgi-webhosting environment. Applications should be portable to a perl standalone webserver and mod_perl too. The first test project is a web development IDE called "sliced bread".

Slice-of-py - Web server written in python

SliceOfPyIntended features: mod_rewrite urls as standard .sopml (Slice Of Py Markup Language), for rapid web prototyping and easier development Fully open source and modular Cross Platform and Free SoPQL, Database emulation using encrypted flat-file databases Not sure I will get all of them done, but I intend to give it a shot :D ---- Progress so far... The server is still pre-alpha, it is currently able to serve static XHTML and CSS, and has a very basic support of the new SoPML markup language

Webslicer - This wordpress plugin Allow you to add a rss feed based webslice to your blog

This wordpress plugin Allow you to add a rss feed based webslice to your blog...and coming soon permit you add more options to your webslice...(for the moment widget feature!!!) The webslicer plugin will let you easily add a webslice rss feed item based that users can use as a bookmark for your site, and checks updates out of your site with the new IE8 feature more info about webslices here: download latest versi

Metasm - The METASM assembly manipulation suite

Metasm is a cross-architecture assembler, disassembler, compiler, linker and debugger. It has some advanced features such as remote process manipulation, GCC-compatible preprocessor, automatic backtracking in the disassembler ("slicing"), C headers shrinking, linux/windows debugging API interface, a C compiler, a gdb-server compatible debugger, and various advanced features. It is written in pure Ruby. More information can be found on the Metasm web site

Goconf - Go configuration file parser

AboutGoconf is a configuration file parser for the Go Programming Language. It is based on goconfig. Goconf has a few new features: It gives more detailed errors There is no need to specify a section name in the configuration file ("default" is assumed as the section name) It can now read from a byte slice or io.Reader It can now write to a byte slice or io.Writer It Compiles! It works with go version 1 and later. InstallationYou can just link your program to goconf, but it is suggested that you

Cubulus OLAP

OLAP aggregation engine with MDX support, web interface (slice amp; dice) and relational database backend. See quot;Documentationquot; for more. Presentation: See online demo courtesy of Webfaction,

Lifeyo - Online - web majic

probably the most amazing thing to hit the net since sliced bread.

Dmmonocle - View CONTENTdm images in style!

Status updateThe dmMonocle source code has been folded into the dmBridge project. This repository will no longer be maintained. dmMonocle will continue to be one of dmBridge's default image viewers - the other being the "basic img tag" viewer - and will receive all the attention it needs to remain a great image viewer. UNLV Libraries is no longer supporting dmMonocle for use in the CONTENTdm® web templates. As is widely known, OCLC is working on their own improved image viewer for CONTENTdm® w

Trimpath - TrimPath ajax / javascript projects

TrimPath ProjectsTrimPath provides open-source (GPL & APL) web technologies, focused around JavaScript, synchronization, MVC, occasionally connected computing, and Google Gears. -------------------------------------------ApplicationsNext Action - a web-based todo-list manager in the Getting Things Done style. You can use Next Action even when your network is offline. TechnologiesJunction The open source Junction framework is a conventions-over-configuration, synchronizing web MVC framework for J